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August 21, 2005

Max Mirnyi

Jonas Bjorkman


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please, for the 2005 Western & Southern Financial Group Masters Series doubles winners, Jonas Bjorkman and Max Mirnyi.

Q. It seemed like the second set rolled by pretty quickly. Did you feel like after the tiebreaker they kind of went away a little bit?

JONAS BJORKMAN: I think we got the momentum back since I think we got off to a good start and had a break. Then it was pretty crucial since we dropped our serve when we served for the set. So I think it was very important that we sort of got back in sort of the winning position there. So it felt like it was tough for them to come back again after an early break in the second.

Q. How do you guys evaluate your doubles team? Is this the best doubles team that either of you have been a part of?

MAX MIRNYI: Well, it's tough to say for me. For me, it probably is because it's been so consistent throughout the year, probably the most consistent that I've ever had with any other partner. But, I mean, Jonas has been a part of some teams before that I think he's won a lot, too. So I still got a lot of catching up to do (smiling).

Q. You guys did one event last year, is that right?

MAX MIRNYI: No, Jonas won it with a different partner a few years ago.

Q. But together you guys were just in one last year.

JONAS BJORKMAN: Yeah, we just teamed up in Toronto last year.

Q. Then what was it you liked about each other's game that brought you together?

JONAS BJORKMAN: I think the whole combination, especially it's an optimal situation that we play singles both, so we can practice a lot singles-wise. And I think both of us have a lot of positive energy out there. He's a big hitter, big server, and I have good returns. I think my weakness to his strength, and other way around, it's a perfect matchup.

Q. Congratulations on overtaking the Bryans in the ATP doubles race. Were you guys aware of that going into today's match?


MAX MIRNYI: Just accidentally I saw it pop up on a website yesterday, so I was aware, but I think we went back and forth this year a couple times already. So it was just very pleasing to win another title of this magnitude - one, I haven't won here; and, secondly, it's just over the years this has been an ATP championship for many years, the Southern & Western Financial Group (sic), it means a lot to win this one, and it's good to get it in this way.

Q. Is this good preparation for the US Open? I assume you guys are playing together in the US Open?


JONAS BJORKMAN: Absolutely. It's perfect. Semis last week and winning here, I think it's been getting better and better these last two weeks. Hopefully it can be one step better in New York.

Q. Could you guys assess some of the doubles teams out there, maybe a team that might give you the most problems or you enjoy playing the most.

MAX MIRNYI: Well, you'd be surprised, but there are about 10 or 15 teams that are very competitive and play full-time schedules, and not too many of them get recognized because they don't get to win these tournaments, but they're very, very good teams. You know, you look at a team that's 12 in the Race, it is a very tough team to beat. Whether it's Erlich-Ram or Bhupathi, Paes, you come out on any given day, they can cause you trouble. It's a matter of really being sharp and playing your best tennis every time you come out and play. But the Top 15 teams are very, very dangerous on any given day.

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