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December 6, 2011

Jorge Alum

Jon Daniels

Roberto Mansur

Nolan Ryan

Ron Washington


THE MODERATOR:  The announcement is obviously self‑explanatory.  The Rangers are playing the Mexico City Red Devils on Tuesday, April 3rd at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

Q.  What is the benefit and purpose of this endeavor?
NOLAN RYAN:  We think that anytime we can broaden an opportunity for our fan base‑‑ we think it's important and we think that our relationship with the Mexican League is important.
So we just think that it's kind of a unique opportunity for us to be able to invite them as our guest and give our fans an opportunity to see a team from the Mexican League come and for us to hopefully stimulate some interest in our Spanish community here.

Q.  What does this mean for your team to be able to play this game?
ROBERTO MANSUR:  (In Spanish.)

Q.  Have you ever been to a game to see the Mexican League?
NOLAN RYAN:  Only in Spring Training.  When I was with the Angels, we went and played in Mexicali.  That was the only exposure I've had.

Q.  How was the experience?
NOLAN RYAN:  Well, the fans were very avid.  There was a sellout.  That was a new stadium at the time.  So it was a special event.

Q.  What was the genesis of this idea?
NOLAN RYAN:  I think probably need to ask Sonny that.
JON DANIELS:  Bill McLaughlin works with us and has a good relationship with a number of the teams and Mr. Mansur, his family are very big in the baseball community down there.  And over the last few years in our international efforts have tried to grow our relationship in a bunch of areas.

Q.  Is this a potential of a working relationship with the Diablos?
JON DANIELS:  I don't think we'll get ahead of ourselves, but we are working toward a productive, beneficial relationship.

JON DANIELS:  We scout the Mexican leagues pretty thoroughly already, but this is just a continuation of that relationship.

Q.  Ron, what's your reaction?
RON WASHINGTON:  It's exciting.  We are happy to be developing this relationship.  And also as Nolan said, it was an opportunity to extend the game of baseball to the Latin community.  Diablos has certainly been an organization that we're very happy to have them come into Texas and be a part of the Texas Rangers family.
JORGE ALUM:  We want to translate.  We are excited and honored to be here, to be invited to play this exhibition game.  We are very excited.  We look forward to it and we're pretty sure that it is going to be the starting of a very long and very good relationship.
The most popular team in Mexico, because of the Mexican players playing was the LA Dodgers.  Lately you can see more and more Texas Rangers hats and T‑shirts and a lot of fans are growing in Mexico.  The team there will be very happy for us to come over and play with a very important team right now for us.
Roberto said that even though right now we don't have a Mexican player playing for the Rangers, he's optimistic because of the talent of the Mexican players.  Pretty soon the Rangers may have one player playing on another team.  We're pretty positive.  We're sure there will be one player playing for the Texas Rangers.

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