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December 4, 2011

Richie Ramsay


RICHIE RAMSAY:  Bogeying the first hole was a little disappointing but I played really solidly.  To be honest, looking back on the last three days, a couple more putts and I would have felt like I could have got it to probably 12, 13.  But you know, Sunday afternoon kind of in the mix, two shots on 16 and 17 were class.  I hit to about three feet and the next one was about four and a half foot on 17.
A fraction unlucky at the last.  I did not hit that bad a tee shot but the wind seemed to catch it and it never stopped, and from there, you've just got to chip at it and hope you can make a putt.  The biggest thing is I tried to make it, and left myself a little bit coming back.
I played to win, which was the biggest thing.  I'm not out here to make up numbers, but another good week, and a few more Euros in the bank, which keep pushing me up that Race to Dubai.

Q.  Your stats for fairways and greens were right up there this week, maybe the putter just stopped you from going that little bit further this week?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Yeah, it was just a case of you hole a few putts here and there, and even one a round, I'm 12‑under.  You know, when you break it down, that's as simple as it is.  The weeks you finish fifth, hole one more putt every day, and you win the tournament.  It's almost life changing.  So that's how small the fractions are between winning and losing.
Another really good week, another Top‑10, and you look at the season as a whole, it's been fantastic already, and a good week next week, and I can sit back and relax a little bit.

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