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December 4, 2011

Peter Hanson


PETER HANSON:  It was all right.  I didn't play well enough to win today.  I don't know, I just saw Rory, when he posted 12, and I was walking off 16, and kind of hoping all the way to the end that you can finish birdie, birdie, but I guess he has played too well today.  Still pretty happy being on the podium.

Q.  You started well and gave yourself that chance early on?
PETER HANSON:  Exactly.  Started with birdie on the third hole and then unfortunately I 3‑putted 4 from a short distance straightaway after, so I gave that one back.
When you sum it up, yeah, it's kind of those kind of small things.  Yeah, you end up one or two, three behind.

Q.  And I suppose you were in there right until the latter stages, I don't know if you know anything about him chipping in at the last but it was a dramatic close?
PETER HANSON:  I just saw the number coming up and he was 11 when I walked off 14 making bogey.  Then I almost holed out from a bunker on 15 to get to ten.  Still some hope there, but when I saw 12, I knew it was over, and tried to make birdie on 17, when you're quite happy to make four on the last.  When it's so tight, it makes a big difference if you have third by yourself or five or six other guys tying.

Q.  Another step in the right direction?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, I came here to prepare for next week and I love coming to Hong Kong.  It's a great track, old‑fashioned course.  We don't play that many courses like this in a year, so it's nice to be here and happy with the week.

Q.  The course is just that little bit different in Dubai, but, hey, the Middle East has been kind to you in the past.
PETER HANSON:  It has.  This was definitely a step in the right direction, and if I can improve a little bit more with my long game, it's still not exactly where I want it to be, but it's getting better and better.
So get two or three days of practise, and hopefully be a bit sharper Thursday.

Q.  But it's one of those where you think it's just about to click, is it?
PETER HANSON:  I think so.  It feels pretty close.  I've done some major changes, last week, in fact, because I had not seen my coach for quite a while, and the swing change, funny enough, it just changes when you don't want it to change.
So it wasn't at all where I wanted it to be when I started working last week, and quite a lot of work to get it where it should be, but getting closer and closer.

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