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December 4, 2011

Gregory Havret


Q.テつ Talk us through that finish, if you would, from your perspective and his.
GRテ窶ーGORY HAVRET:テつ The only mistake is probably the first hole where I 3‑putted.テつ Missed a shot, quite a short putt, 3‑ or 4‑footer, and the rest was a really good game.テつ Nothing of absolute beauty because I didn't win, but it was very solid all day long.
I had a chance going into the last one behind him.テつ But I obviously make a bad drive, and that was for me very hard to make par, but Rory did and managed to make an efficient shot.テつ He seems to like this hole quite a lot, and, yeah, this shot was absolutely amazing.テつ And holding that putt after that was really good, too, and I'm quite happy of course.

Q.テつ You had that front row seat so talk us through the difficulty of the shot that he had and then the awkwardness of your own.
GRテ窶ーGORY HAVRET:テつ Yeah, absolutely.テつ I knew pretty much he wouldn't miss that one, because it was obviously nice lie, healthily, you get a little bit unlucky with those shots usually when they go in the trap and especially on the uphill slope, and they usually stay on the pitchmark, but he was quite lucky to be in it and not make such a fabulous shot.
But Rory, you don't expect him to be more than I guess 5‑, 6‑footer, and it was obviously the purest one, and just made that shot beautifully, yeah.

Q.テつ And for you to follow in?
GRテ窶ーGORY HAVRET:テつ Yeah, that crowd was going crazy.テつ Yeah, to be honest I would have been very happy with a 2‑putt.テつ It's a very hard putt downhill, left‑to‑right.テつ It's probably one of the toughest holes to finish on The European Tour, if not the toughest.テつ This flag is really hard to get, and if you play too safe, you have a crazy putt, and mine went in and it's the kind of‑‑ kind of one you don't expect and when it goes in at the last, especially after what happened, it was a beauty and quite happy with it.

Q.テつ Champagne in hand presented by a former champion, Gregory Bourdy.
GRテ窶ーGORY HAVRET:テつ Yeah, I wish.テつ Yeah, it would have been great to win like he did two years ago.テつ He did great in 2009.テつ Yeah, I had this in mind pretty much all day.テつ And I thought, yeah, well, if he did it, why not me.テつ I know how he plays and I'm able to do the same.
So yeah, have some chap pain and quite happy, I'm second right now, maybe I will tie second, worst third, but it's a good week.

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