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December 3, 2011

Peter Hanson


MICHAEL GIBBONS:  Peter, thanks for joining us, and very well played today.  Give us your assessment of that fine 65 to  start us off.
PETER HANSON:  It was nice.  To  sum it up, it was very good putting.  Made some good putts.  I had a bit of a slow start, making a bogey on No.2, but from there it was very solid and a couple of good bunker shots that saved some pars through the middle part of the round.  That really kept me going.
MICHAEL GIBBONS:  And I believe it was all about the putting today; putted like a God.
PETER HANSON:  It's so nice when you make some good putts.  Made a couple of long ones, one off the green on 11 from probably 35 feet, and I think I made one more really long one somewhere‑‑ where did I make my birdie from‑‑ could have been on 15.  I made a 25‑footer on 15, as well.
MICHAEL GIBBONS:  Before we go into questions, it must be great up there in contention going into the final round.
PETER HANSON:  It really is.  And for me, especially this week, to  really build on something to  try to  be sharp for next week.  Sometimes when you work on things on your game and work on your swing and stuff, all of a sudden, you get the result without thinking about it, and I think this has been one of those weeks.  I've been spending quite a bit of time on the range, and spent a lot of work with my coach last week in Sweden in the freezing cold.
So sometimes I think it's good to  have something to  work on in your swing, and it maybe takes your mind off the really‑‑ how do you say it in English‑‑ focusing on the score and all that; thinking about the process, instead of the result.

Q.  How did you find the conditions out there today?  Was it easier to  score than the first to  days?
PETER HANSON:  A little bit easier.  Definitely a lot easier than the first day when it was really windy.  Felt like today the wind dropped during the day.  I think for the people that teed off early, they have more wind than we had, especially for the last nine, ten, 11 holes.  The scores were out there.
But on the other hand, the course is firming up a little bit, so it's not easy.  You need to  hit good shots and I find even if you hit good shots, you're putting from 15, 20, 25 feet quite often, anyways.

Q.  You've been playing well today, but what sort of preparation will you do today or tomorrow morning to  get yourself geared for tomorrow?
PETER HANSON:  I think it comes down to the question I answered before.  I think for me, it's all about trying to stay in the same mind‑set that I've been doing for the first three days, and it's obviously been pretty good.  I've been moving along pretty steady, so I'm going to try to stay in that process and working on the things that I have been doing and maybe not so much try to go after and chase the win.
I've done that a few times this year, both in Bahrain and recently in Portugal, leading with four or five holes to go, and sometimes playing a little bit too aggressive.  You try to force something, and all of the sudden you end up making mistakes.
I'm going to try to take it easy tomorrow and play my game and work on the things I've been working on, and we'll see where we are.

Q.  Just looking ahead to tomorrow, do you have a score in mind that you might need to shoot to win do you think?
PETER HANSON:  I try not to think about it (laughing) but it is bloody hard, so I understand the question.
I haven't really thought about it, but I think the forecast is pretty good for tomorrow.  Supposed to be similar to today.
So I would say something similar to today, a 66, 67.  The course is not playing as easy as last year obviously when it was 22‑under par winning, but I think I somewhere‑‑ I probably need to shoot 3‑ or 4‑under, depending upon what Alvaro and the people that still have a few holes to go.
MICHAEL GIBBONS:  Peter, well played.  Thanks for joining us.

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