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December 1, 2011

Juan Martin Del Potro

Juan Monaco

David Nalbandian

Eduardo Schwank

Tito Vazquez


THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English.

Q.  Juan Martin, can you just give us your thoughts about playing the final this year compared to a few years ago in Mar del Plata?  How do you feel this time around compared to then?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO:  I think this final is completely different.  We will play in different surface, different country, and also we have different team.
But always special playing a final.  We are looking for our first trophy in Davis Cup, but we know it's gonna be very, very difficult.  We are looking to be ready for fight and seeing what can we do in every match.

Q.  Juan Monaco, your thoughts on playing Rafa first match tomorrow?
JUAN MONACO:  My thoughts, for sure gonna be a difficult match, gonna be a big challenge for me, first of all, to play the Davis Cup final for Argentina, and then to play a friend, such a good player like Rafa.

Q.  David, another Davis Cup final for you.  What are your thoughts this time around?  At the moment you're in for the doubles to start off with, but I think a lot of people are expecting maybe a singles.  But is this Davis Cup final any different for you compared to the other ones?
DAVID NALBANDIAN:  Yeah, all the time the difference.  I'm getting older, I not play singles tomorrow, so I didn't play doubles since long time ago but we do a good job during these weeks.  We are ready to try to win.
We know it's not gonna be easy, but all the time, all ties are different, finals and first rounds.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions in Spanish.

Q.  Juan Martin, what is your opinion about the surprising doping test that you have been subject to?  Rafa said they have not done the doping test for them.  What is your opinion?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO:  We know these are the rules of antidoping tests.  I don't want to talk about it much.

Q.  For Juan Martin.  In 2008 you had an injury in the first match, and you could not participate as much as you would have liked to then.  I suppose that now in 2007 you are in Seville with a lot of energy, with doubled energy and doubled motivation compared to 2008 so that you can participate now and give the victory to your team.
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO:  Well, we are all eager to win, and we know that this final is very important for Argentina.
We also know that it has been a great year for us in Davis Cup, so we need to also give value to the fact that we have done a good job in the Davis Cup up to now.  Our goal for here is to be prepared, to see how we are, to be strong.
We were very strong in the practice in Argentina.  We felt good, and now we are okay.  We know we have practiced really hard and that we will be in good shape to play whatever we have to play.

Q.  For Juan Monaco.  I'm sure that your first goal is to win, and especially to feel an overwhelming victory.  Are you going to get Nadal tired?  Are you going to make him run a lot?  Are you going to make it a long rubber?  Are you going to see what happens?
JUAN MONACO:  No, when you go into the court you don't see what happens.  You go into the court to see to win, so then when the rubber develops we will say it gets long or short.
But the idea that the captain has and the boys have is to play every single match at 100%, to run and fight every ball each point, and then circumstances will see how the match goes.

Q.  It's weird not to play on Friday after a long time, but what are your feelings that you have to start on Saturday but probably with your head set in the fifth point on Sunday?
DAVID NALBANDIAN:  Well, as I said, I have been practicing with Eduardo all week.  We feel really comfortable.  We feel better and better.
And the captain chooses the lineup, and this is what we're gonna do, work on his lineup tomorrow.  It's going to be a long tie, a hard tie, and anything can happen.
So we can't rush into conclusions or forecasting what is going to happen.  We need to see match by match.

Q.  For Eduardo, what are your feelings being part of the team today?
EDUARDO SCHWANK:  Well, the feelings are the best one could imagine.  Being in a Davis Cup final is very important.  Belonging to this team is great.  With David playing doubles is very good.  We are feeling better and better, understanding each other better and better.
So I feel really confident and comfortable for this series, and I hope we can make it and win.

Q.  For Pico Monaco.  Pico, you ended up your season really well.  You have said all week that you had a lot of energy, that you felt really good.  The fact that you are the first one to start against somebody who is better than you in the ranking, probably logic says that you're gonna lose that point.  Is that an extra motivation for you?
JUAN MONACO:  This is a new challenge.  Of course, being in the final per se is already a big motivation.  My first finals, that is per se a big motivation, so no doubt that I'm gonna do my best.
So whenI started training with the team, each practice has been taken very seriously, both by myself and the other boys, by the captain, by everybody who was our colleague here.
So, yes, it's a big challenge.  We know that he is one of the greatest of the history of tennis, but tomorrow maybe things change.  We will be defending our country colors and both here and myself we will give our best for the country.

Q.  For Tito, you decided to include Eduardo instead of Juan Chela.  You have put Monaco in the singles.  Two decisions.  And then less than 24 hours before the final you have Juan Monaco.  What are your feelings?
CAPTAIN VASQUEZ:  The first question is obvious:  It needs to be answered by the technical team.  We have been training for three weeks, and we decided to go for this lineup.  I'm not gonna give you the details of the technical details why the decision has been made this way.  It has been taken a long time to draw this conclusion.  We talked in the team, we thought about it, and made the decision that this is the lineup.
As for feelings before the final, this is a unique opportunity for me.  This is very special.  I'm very proud of the effort that has been made by the players during the last three weeks.  They have been living together for three weeks, which is not usual.  It's a long time.  They have really done their best to come here the way they are.
Tomorrow the series starts.  All points are important, and I hope that we have a good weekend and we manage to get Argentina where it deserves regardless of the results.

Q.  Talking about the doping test again, Rafa said that what bothers him is the way they do it, the method they use getting you up early in the morning.  Are you also upset by the way the tests are done?
CAPTAIN VASQUEZ:  Unfortunately there are international rules that need to be, that we need to abide to.  We had one resting day today.  We haven't had any rest.  They have taken David, Pico, Juan Martin at 6:30 in the morning for an antidoping test.
I think that that is not nice.  They could have waited a little longer or do it yesterday or in another moment.
But these are decisions that are made by the people in charge of it, and that's the way things occur sometimes.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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