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December 1, 2011

Jim Furyk


Q.  Jim, 1‑under par today.  Just comment on the round.  It was a windy day.
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, you know, it started out nice.  We really didn't start getting the wind until late in the front nine and I got one of the earlier tee times, so that probably helped out a little bit.
And then the Back 9 it got tough.  It was difficult to control the golf ball.  The wind was blowing really hard, and honestly, it seemed like it switched a lot between kind of a northerly wind and easterly wind.  It was kind of back and forth between those two, and when you get on holes like 15 and 17, you know, you have to be pretty precise.  It was difficult to do in this wind.
I got off to a little bit of a rough start.  I missed some really good birdie putts on 1 and 2, and that's where you kind of want to get off to a good start here in the calm weather, and then I finished bad bogey on 17 and 18 after really hitting some pretty good golf shots.  Just the wind surprised me on 18, and I hit it over the green, and 17 just ‑‑ that's a very dicey pin, very difficult to play to.

Q.  1‑under par today, solid start, though.
JIM FURYK:  Yeah.  Solid start.  I think ‑‑ I said if the wind blows for the first two days, you really want to kind of survive and keep yourself in position and not shoot yourself in the foot, so I didn't do that today and that's a bonus, and try to go out and play a good round tomorrow and keep myself in position.

Q.  Thank you, sir.

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