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November 30, 2011

Justin Rose


Q.¬† You finally played the course ¬Ė what do you reckon?
 JUSTIN ROSE:  Course is in good shape.  Sometimes the fairways actually give some interesting lies, can be sometimes interesting to strike wedges off, the way the ball sits, they are grainy fairways.  That's the only problem I'm sort of feeling with the golf course now in trying to get it close to the hole.  But enjoying it, weather is fantastic.  I heard maybe a bit of wind could sort of shake things up a little bit to be honest with you.  It will be nice.

Q.  Have you got any tips from your good friend, Ian, on the course?
JUSTIN ROSE:  It's actually funny.  Last week he was full of tips for me, being World Cup partners, but this week they seem to have dried up.  
Out here on Tour, any advantage you gain, it's very hard‑earned and hard fought for.¬† I'm sure he's not going to share his yardage book with me but speaking with these guys a few weeks ago, they did tell me what a fun tournament it is and they were very praising of the place itself.
In terms of the nuances of the golf course, I think they are keeping it very close to their chest.  I had a good practise round today, I spent four and a half hours out there and hit a lot of putts around the greens and really tried to get a good feel for it because I know that's obviously a big advantage.

Q.  Sort of playing the tournaments that you do both sides of the Atlantic, you don't get to play these sorts of members' courses much, is that sort of a newer challenge, newer reward when you come to a place like this?
JUSTIN ROSE:  The challenge is obviously making enough birdies to stay with the leaders.  Sometimes the harder courses are almost easier to compete on, because if you're playing well, a lot of guys are just eliminated because it's tough.
But weeks like this, it's a different test.  You have to keep the pace and you have to keep hitting wedges close and you have to keep moving forward, and you have to be patient, as well, at the same time.  It's the kind of course that you can get frustrated if you're even par through 10.  You have to keep going and trust that you'll get there eventually.

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