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November 26, 2011

Robert-Jan Derksen

Joost Luiten


JOOST LUITEN:  Robert played really well for the first 14 holes, and I played terrible.  So it was good to have him next to me.  And then I made two birdies coming in at the end.  But hopefully I can keep it going, what I did on the last few tomorrow.  Then we'll see what happens.

Q.  Robert‑Jan was speaking about you yesterday with the putter, that it had been a little colder than it had been; so maybe this is the upturn that you need.
JOOST LUITEN:  Yesterday I putted really good but today I just hit the ball too far away from the pin, and it's tough to make putts.  So I need to hit them close and then hopefully tomorrow we can make a few birdies and finish the tournament off.

Q.  I take it you're pleased with your position on the leaderboard?
ROBERT‑JAN DERKSEN:  Yeah, I think so, when you come into this tournament, the only thing you want is to have a chance on Sunday and I think that we do have a chance, even though we are quite a bit back but in foursomes everything can happen.  And yeah, we are still in it.

Q.  What do you feel you need to do on that final round?
JOOST LUITEN:  It depends a little bit on what the guys are doing out there on the course.  They still have to play like five holes I guess.
But we have to go low.  Depends a little bit on what the weather is going to do, but I think we need to go like 6‑, 7‑under in the foursomes to have a chance and then we'll see what the other guys are doing.

Q.  Sounds like Wayne Riley, but how low can you go?  You do have to do low ‑‑
ROBERT‑JAN DERKSEN:   Yes, that's true, but I think if we are both on top of our game, then we really, really help each other actually.  We play a little bit of a different game but in foursomes that can help each other.  Yeah, if you get momentum going, it Joost can put like he's done the last two or three weeks and if I can the constant factor in the team, then I think there is a low score out there.

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