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November 25, 2011

Stephen Gallacher

Martin Laird


Q.  How was that today?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Foursomes are always tough so to shoot under 70 in this format is very good, especially with the weather being the way it was today. So we are still in the same place and still in the same spot in the tournament so we can’t complain with that?

Q.  You were conscious of your name still up there on the leaderboard?
MARTIN LAIRD: As Stephen said, foursomes is a hard format and you don’t often see a team go out and shoot a really low score in foursomes so we were just playing good solid golf all day which is what we set out to do. When we managed to do that, we knew we weren’t going to be too far back and in a good position for the weekend which is exactly where we are.

Q.  You said your games were well matched for foursomes, was that the case?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: As Martin said we were pretty solid. We left a few putts short which was a little disappointing but we stuck to our game plans, kept the ball pretty much in position and gave ourselves chances which is all you can really do in that format.

Q.  Did you have a conversation last night about the strategy for today?
MARTIN LAIRD: Yes, it probably lasted about five seconds.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I called tails!
Laird: I think we both kind of knew what each other wanted to do. The way this course sets up it’s a little weird. The person who hits off the odd holes has eight approach shots on the back nine and the other person only has one. But Stephen has been hitting his irons great all week so we decided that he was going to go on the odd holes and it paid off because we had a good round today.

Q.  It is favourable having the re-draw so you know exactly where you are in terms of the leaders, even on round two?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yes, definitely. There are only 28 teams so if we are playing in the last group every day we’ll be happy.

Q.  Martin, what do you think of Stephen’s beard?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: It’s a moustache!
MARTIN LAIRD:  He’s doing it for a great cause, so I’m really not going to comment!

Q.  This is for Movember, is it?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:  It is. I know it looks like I’ve got a gerbil growing on my top lip but the whole idea is to look funny and raise some money for charity so hopefully I can do that.

Q.  Is there this fun and levity in your team the whole time?
STEPHEN GALLACHER:  We get on fine and we are just trying to play our own game and here’s hoping that come Sunday it is good enough.

Q.  Dining together, eating together at the same table each night, all that kind of stuff? Caddies involved, as well?
MARTIN LAIRD:  Well you can overdo it a little bit and we do have two English caddies so we can’t have them too close for dinner!! Only joking! As Stephen said we’ve gotten on well all week. Our golf games are very similar and our personalities are very similar so it has all merged well so far.

Q.  Finally on the tournament, you are in a good position aren’t you?
MARTIN LAIRD: Absolutely. You travel all this way and when you do that you want to be in with a chance going into the weekend and we are right there staring down the leaders and if we keep playing the way we have been doing, there is no reason why we can’t pick up the trophy on Sunday night.

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