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November 23, 2011

Novak Djokovic


D. FERRER/N. Djokovic
6‑3, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Is this result tonight indicative of the strains of the season?  How were you feeling physically?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  I mean, all the credit to opponent, he played great match.  But, you know, I just wasn't there.  It was the worst match I've played this season so far definitely.  So many unforced errors.  You know, I'm not playing well.  That's a fact.
So, yeah, maybe it's because of the length of the season.  Maybe it's just because I'm not feeling well, you know, on the court.  But those days are possible in sport and you have to accept the defeat.

Q.  Is there a sense of mounting frustration for yourself at this point when you wanted to come here and deliver so much and not get that feel you want?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  Well, it is.  You know, at this level you know that you have to deliver your best tennis.  I wasn't on my best in the first match, but I managed to kind of get into the rhythm in the second set.  This match, I have no words to explain.  Nothing was going really.  Nothing was going well.

Q.  You lost the first time this year 10 games consecutive, or out of 11.  Do you think it's a correct assessment to say that the love for your country, for the Davis Cup, when you decided to play versus Argentina, is partially ruining an unbelievable year?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  I think nothing can ruin the season.  I mean, the season, even if I didn't play anything after US Open, my season would still be incredible.  So I don't want to think in that way.
But, yeah, maybe it was the wrong decision to play the Davis Cup after US Open and after I was not fresh on the court, not feeling well, partly injured as well.
But, you know, it was my decision.  I play with the heart sometimes.  Sometimes maybe it's better to think with the head (smiling).

Q.  Did you have in some way the sensation after the US Open that it was kind of better to stop the season, to put an end to the season, to restart in January, but you couldn't because of the length of the season?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  You know, it would be impossible to do that because there is many important tournaments after US Open, in Asia, in Europe, Paris, and of course here, as the final eight tournament of the year.
Obviously I wanted to get ready and get recovered and play my best in this tournament, try to deliver my best tennis.  But I wasn't able to.
In the first matches, I got one win.  I got now one loss.  You know, we'll see.  I have to hope for the best in the third one.

Q.  Going back to the match, you talked about your unforced errors.  Did they come because you didn't feel the ball or did you feel a touch slow in every movement?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  You know, it's hard to find something that I felt well tonight, really.  Movement, just feel for the ball, anticipation on the court, nothing.  Just a terrible, terrible match.

Q.  I remember Shanghai 2007.  It's a different year.  You were very tired at the end of the season.  Ferrer beat you.  But this is still round robin.  You can still be in semis.  Now it's with Tipsarevic.  The Serbs are there.
NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  There is still a chance.  But if I don't play at least 50% better than I did tonight, I don't think I'll have any chance.
You always hope that tomorrow will bring something better.  That's the way I'm thinking now.

Q.  Can you tell us the general consensus among the top eight players of the length of the season and what should be done about it, whether you're happy with what has been done.
NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  It's a long discussion, you know.  It's a subject that needs to be discussed in the future.  Obviously players feel that, you know, the season should be shorter, and we are working on it.
I think people in ATP are willing to help.  We'll see.  It's going to be a long process.  The most important thing is that the players are together in anything that we want to have and achieve.

Q.  Can you analyze how your serve worked tonight and David's, if you were surprised by the level of his first‑serve percentage?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  David was playing well, no question about it.  But I did not give him any resistance, nothing.  You know, he got always one ball more in the court than I did.  I made so many unforced errors that, I mean, I'm embarrassed to look at the stats.  I can't imagine what the number is.
He was playing smart, changing rhythm.  You know, you always can kind of expect and predict what he's going to come up on the court with.  He doesn't drop with the level that much.  He's always focused, always fighting for each point.  He's a great player.  You know, he deserved to win.

Q.  What do you expect from a new ATP CEO?  Would you prefer it to be a former player or...
NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  I'd rather skip talking about it.  Now I want to focus on the tennis at this moment.

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