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November 23, 2011

Will Barton

Joe Jackson

Josh Pastner


Georgetown テや 91
Memphis テや 88

THE MODERATOR:テつ We have Joe Jackson with us, and Will Barton from Memphis.テつ Joe, would you like to open about general comments about the game and the overall tournament?
JOE JACKSON:テつ Yeah, we've been playing hard as a team, but we kind of saw it tonight, a couple shots that fell down the stretch.テつ But we were going hard.テつ That's one thing I can say.テつ But things just didn't go our way tonight.テつ We made some key turnovers down the stretch, but we should have capitalized on them, and that cost us the game.

Q.テつ How frustrating is it that you outrebounded them?テつ You outshot them.
STUDENT‑ATHLETE:テつ It was really frustrating, because we didn't play our best ball (Indiscernible).テつ We regrouped and got ourselves together to beat a tough Tennessee game.テつ Then we come here in our last game and we just came up short.
Like you said, we did a lot of things better for them.テつ But they made the key plays down the stretch to keep them in it and put them over the top.テつ They were the better basketball team in key moments, and it showed because they won the game.

Q.テつ Tell me about that last set‑up there on that last play after the timeout?テつ What didn't happen?
JOE JACKSON:テつ It was set up for me to act like I was going to get the ball, and Will Barton to come off the flair on the left side of the court.テつ But, no, right side.テつ But we didn't follow through with the game plan to get the three, and it was a hard shot anyway.
WILL BARTON:テつ They've got a very long team.テつ And if you don't run the play like you're supposed to get somebody open, it's going to be hard because they're really long.

Q.テつ What did Coach tell you guys after the game?テつ You obviously wanted to win the entire thing, but what did he tell you in terms of putting this behind you?テつ Had he talked to you?
JOE JACKSON:テつ Well, it's a long season, and we have a lot more good teams to play.テつ We've just got to regroup.テつ You can't hold your head down with one loss.テつ We wanted to come in and win it, but we didn't.テつ We've got good enough players.テつ We can regroup and come into practice and focus on some of the little intangibles that make us a better team.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Coach Pastner is here.テつ Coach, your players have been doing a fine job answering some questions and getting things started, but if you'd like to make some comments, please go ahead.
COACH PASTNER:テつ Yeah, it was a really good basketball game.テつ Very proud of our guys to battle.テつ That was a tough loss, no question about that.テつ I told our guys in the locker room, it's a long season.テつ This is November.テつ This is why we played the four games we've played so far to this point is to get challenged, see what we've done well, see what we need to make adjustments on.テつ We're going to keep it positive.テつ We've got to stay together.テつ We're growing as a team.
We had some opportunities to close the game out, but every possession matters.テつ The same in the first possession as it does the last possession, so it's one of those things.テつ On this one, I'm taking the blame on this one.テつ This goes on me for this loss.テつ No one else.
Therefore, things I probably should have done better looking back on it.テつ Maybe called a timeout in a situation or two.テつ So I don't think any of the guys‑‑ the guys battled.テつ They competed.テつ They played hard.テつ We had opportunities to win, so this one's got to go squarely on my shoulders.テつ And you've got to give Georgetown tons of credit.

Q.テつ Joe talked about what you guys set up in that last play with the last seconds left.テつ Can you talk about it?テつ Was it Georgetown, what they did, or if not, what was it?
COACH PASTNER:テつ We knew they were going to switch, and we tried to get ‑‑ we were trying to have two or three different options off of it, and do some different flair screens to try to get it on the switch to hurt them on the switch.
But they played it well.テつ They executed it well.テつ Defensively that happens.テつ Just like us defensively yesterday executing an out‑of‑bounds play well guarded, so that happens.テつ You've got to give Georgetown credit.
Again, we had chances.テつ We were up in regulation.テつ We just didn't close it out.テつ But this is something we'll build on and learn from it just like yesterday's game.テつ Again, I thought our guys battle and played hard and gave effort.テつ So this one squarely falls on the head coach, no one else.

Q.テつ Do you get the sense at all you talk to the players after the game, and I know for them to come in and win the entire thing, did you get the sense at all that the players' confidence is shaken at all?
COACH PASTNER:テつ Any time you lose you're not going to be in a good mood.テつ But you're not going to show any confidence, that's just normal.テつ We've got to bounce back.テつ We've got a game on Monday.テつ I told our guys this is November.テつ This is why the schedule we've set up.テつ We've got a really good basketball team.テつ I think our best basketball's ahead of us.
We've got to stay the course.テつ We've got to stay positive.テつ We've got to stay upbeat.テつ We've got to look at all the positive stuff that we've done well and the things that we haven't done well.テつ What we haven't done well, we've got to get better at.テつ And that's what we'll get back to practice and work on those things.
These four games that we've played, it's been a great tournament.テつ It's been great for us.テつ So we take these four games and it gives us an opportunity to watch the film and show the guys and things that we did well and did not do well.

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