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November 22, 2011

Eric Bovaird

Waly Coulibaly

Matt Cousins


Georgetown – 86
Chaminade – 61

THE MODERATOR:  Coach, if you'd like to open up with a statement.
COACH BOVAIRD:   Sure.  Played a really good first half.  Georgetown just shot the ball like crazy.  I think they started off the game 5 for 5.  Man, they had some guys that can really shoot the ball and that really flows into their offense, if you have to step out and guard those guys like that, and they can drive right around you.
Clark is one of the quickest guys I've seen.  And Thompson is, man, he's a pure shooter.  And 14, man, he's a tough load on the inside.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions?

Q.  Coach, can you just talk about how much you guys have learned in these first two games, your first two games here on Maui, how much have you learned and how much do you think your team has learned?
COACH BOVAIRD:   This is incredible.  You know, our ultimate goal, we want to get into our national tournament.  And we want to, we want to advance into that and we want to win a national championship some day at the division two level.
This is an incredible opportunity to see where we have weaknesses.  We really haven't been tested truly yet.  We played Tahiti and Western Oregon and Saint Martins and had 15, 20 point victories and so forth.
So when we get back, we'll take a day off and we'll gather and we will evaluate all three games where we made mistakes.  So this is‑‑ this is an awesome opportunity.  I think every division two team wished they had the opportunity to do this.  And we're going to learn a lot.  We're going to learn a lot.  We're going to analyze the teams really closely, and it's going to make us a lot better team.

Q.  Matt, Waly, can you speak to the same thing, how much have you learned these first two days?
MATT COUSINS:  For me, personally, the biggest thing is adjusting to the size and athleticism.  We haven't really got up to people with this athletic ability and whatnot.  We have to be strong with the ball.
That's a big emphasis especially with our offense, the way we move and stuff like that, we've got to be able to be strong with the ball, take care of the ball, kind of limit our turnovers and stuff like that.
But that will come, that's what's really good about this tournament.  It kind of forces us to learn about that stuff.
WALY COULIBALY:  I think we did a decent job playing this game.  We got a couple of turnovers.  I think it's straight answers.  We got some people that are freshmen and they don't have a lot of experience, so it's going to be better for them to get, to do what they have to do.

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