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November 21, 2011

Ryan Kelly

Mike Krzyzewski


Duke – 77
Tennessee - 67

COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  We beat really a good team today.  I know they had‑‑ they've been out here since Thursday, and from everything that we've heard, they've had just amazing practices.  My feeling is, I haven't watched them in practice, but they played like they practice.  They played really hard together.  It's a heck of a win for our team.
The kid Maymon had a great game.  He had a double‑double, and he was relentless on the boards.
I thought we had that stretch right at the end of the half that was a really good stretch.  We didn't start out the second half as well, but the last 15 minutes I thought we played really well and executed.
A big key to the game, one of our main things was to limit their threes.  They've been shooting a lot of three point shots.  They didn't hit a three‑point shot and only had eight.  So that was, to me, one of the key factors in the ballgame.  A hard‑earned win, like they all are in Maui.
Any questions for me or my players?

Q.  Can you talk about the adjustment that Austin Rivers is making four games into the season?  Obviously, a superstar in high school, and it looks like he's still trying to fit into the team system.
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  He entered the half pretty well for us.  When we got the ten‑point lead the second time, came up with a couple of really big buckets.  The main thing for Austin, as any freshman, is to learn to play defense and offense.  He can be a great defender.
When you're a freshman, you start evaluating what you're doing, and sometimes you're a step slow to the next thing and that's because you care.  You want to be good.  You've just got to get through that.
We played a really tough schedule.  This is our fifth game in about ten days and he's learned a lot.  He came through.  He's not afraid.  He's going to be a terrific player for us.

Q.  Coach, now that you know that you're playing Michigan, talk about that match‑up and the rematch?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  It's tough for me.  I haven't watched them.  I haven't watched them.  I just know that they returned just about their whole team, and they've got a really good freshman point guard.
I try not to watch the game before.  It's been a pretty good thing for me in my career just to concentrate on the game we're playing.
But John does a great job.  He's got a veteran team.  For them to beat Memphis like that, they must have played a great basketball game, because Memphis is one of the most talented teams in the country.  It will be difficult for us.  I'm sorry, I can't specifically talk about how they're playing or anything because I haven't watched them yet.

Q.  Ryan, you've had a number of key defensive rebounds to close out the game the last five or six minutes or so.  Can you speak about the role of defense overall in the second half?
RYAN KELLY:  Late in that game, the biggest plays we could have made were defensive stops and defensive rebounds.  I thought we did a pretty good job in the closing minutes of getting to all of those balls.
Earlier in the game we felt that they'd be getting a lot of loose balls and a lot of offensive rebounds.  As the game wore on, we really picked up our defensive rebounding and I think that's what really helped us take that lead.
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  Ryan made a big play of taking the charge on Golden, and that was one of the bigger plays of the game.  Actually took two on him, but that one was a big‑time play.

Q.  Ryan, can you talk about how tough they were up front?
RYAN KELLY:  Yeah, they had great length, great size.  They really battled, that was the biggest thing.  They were confident in going to the board.  They got us under the basket a little bit, and just went up and grabbed rebounds and finished.
They're certainly going to be a tough team down the stretch too.  Their length is really big for them.  They've got a lot of length inside on the wings, and they're very talented.

Q.  Can you just summarize what you thought about Cuonzo Martin's team?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  It was asked.  I said some really good things before.  Will you give him the copy of what I said?
THE MODERATOR:  Yes, we've got the quotes.  We'll send that around.
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  I don't think I could repeat it as well.  Quite frankly, since the question about Michigan, my Polish brain has kind of gone away from this last game and gone forward.
But what I said, I meant.  They played their butts off, and that was a heck of a game for us.  But I said it better before.  You know, I said it.  Don't ask a 64‑year‑old guy to repeat what he said.  Sorry.  But it's good.  It was good, wasn't it?
THE MODERATOR:  It was very good, Coach.  Appreciate it.
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  I'm now on Detroit's time zone.

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