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November 20, 2011

Paula Creamer


Q. Talk about the day.
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, I gave myself a lot of chances. Got off to kind of a weird start, that's for sure, with the three-putt from four feet on the second hole and birdie on the next. I constantly had left-to-right putts, and after yesterday on 18, I missed that left-to-righter, I went and worked about 30 minutes on the putting green on these left-to-right putts, and then every single putt I had today was a left-to-righter, so it was kind of a bit of -- just in a weird way, you have one thing that you've been really working on and you're constantly going against it.
But I gave myself a lot of chances. I have to be very proud of myself after the start I got off to to finish where I did.

Q. Talk about the year in general.
PAULA CREAMER: The year in general?

Q. Close again.
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, it's been a year of definitely just almost there but not quite good enough for a lot of things. But I look at it, and these last couple tournaments I definitely played a lot better. My attitude on the golf course this year was 100 times better than I believe it's ever been. Confidence wise I think that I'm a little bit back, and when you struggle your confidence tends to go away, and these last couple events I've definitely gotten that back.
I'm really looking forward to the off-season. I want to win. I want to be the best, and I know what it takes. Unfortunately I didn't win this year, but next year is another year.

Q. Are you through for a while?
PAULA CREAMER: I'm going to play Taiwan, so I'll take next week off, and I'm still thinking of it like I have one more tournament left, and I'll do what I do and grind it out and see what happens there. And then I'll be done for a while, but I'm not going to take a ton of time. I think I'm going to take more of vacation type things instead of just maybe staying at home. I'm really going to try and get away from the game for a little bit and then get back at it 100 percent.

Q. Will you travel?
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, like when I go to California maybe go sightsee a little bit more, things like that. I'm going to see my grandma, my grandpa. My grandma has Parkinson's and my grandpa is 93, so I have to take the time that I can right now and spend as much of it with them.

Q. Anything about Hee Young today? She just didn't come back.
PAULA CREAMER: Honestly I didn't look at a leaderboard. I did at the beginning, and then when I made the turn I told myself just make as many birdies as you can, and what happens happens. I think she's at 9 I saw when I finished. I looked at the board. But that's awesome playing. That's really good, especially in these conditions when there's a lot of top players battling trying to get up there, and she knew that. She played well. I played with her yesterday, and at the end, I was like, wow, where did all those birdies come from. She's a good player, and she deserves it.

Q. Are you pretty happy with the way you hit it today?
PAULA CREAMER: I mean, I don't know how -- I think I missed maybe four greens or five, if that, maybe, which is a positive thing. I did, I hit my irons great. I gave myself countless opportunities, and that's all I can ask for. Just have to work on those putts.
But it's not the easiest golf course to make putts on, that's for sure.

Q. Not a lot of flat spots.
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, every putt you play is outside the hole. Even that little one I had on the last hole, it's hard to play a three-and-a-half-footer, two-footer outside the hole, but you have to do it.

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