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November 20, 2011

Aaron Baddeley


Q. Talk about today, obviously pretty exciting for the crowd, not the result you wanted, but sounds like this was the deciding moment for the Cup.
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah, I played really good actually. Really the only difference was he made some putts and I didn't. That was really the only difference. I was pleased with the way I played. Hit the ball beautifully. Hit a lot of really good shots. Just a matter of making par putts to get some momentum. He did that and I didn't.

Q. Seems like the first part of the week, he wasn't making any putts and now the end of the week, he is. Is that what you see?
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah, he putted -- he didn't miss anything today. He didn't miss a putt inside 15, 20 feet or something. And I didn't make anything. Every time I had a putt to win the hole, it would shave the hole, wouldn't go in, or if I had a putt to halve, it would just shave the hole.
So if I could buy a putt, then it would have been a very tight match.

Q. As a rookie on the team, talk about the experience of the whole week, just playing in your hometown.
AARON BADDELEY: That was awesome. The crowd was unbelievable. The Aussie fanatics were unbelievable. It was awesome just to be part of a team, loved playing with Jason, and look forward to playing in more Presidents Cup teams and hopefully team up with Jason again. We did well together. We gelled well together. Overall, it was an awesome week. Just disappointed to not win the Cup.

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