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November 19, 2011

Kyung-Tae Kim

Yong-Eun Yang


Q. Big moment for you, K.T., obviously, and Y.E., playing Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson, a victory for the International Team.
K.T. KIM: I think first of all, when I heard I was being paired up with Tiger, I was a bit nervous, especially because I haven't been playing well the last two days. I've felt a lot of pressure. But because we had the morning off, I think it helps conditioning-wise, and I think I got used to the course. I also think that at the tail end, I think we trusted each other. That's probably the main reason why we won.

Q. Y.E., obviously you've played together twice now, so starting to know each other's game a little more, and you've played together before, right?
Y.E. YANG: Yes.

Q. How long ago?
Y.E. YANG: Three or four months.

Q. In a team competition?
Y.E. YANG: Almost the same.

Q. Did you two win together?
Y.E. YANG: Yeah, we all together, first round, second round.

Q. You've played Tiger in singles play and lost in Harding Park, is there an extra incentive beating the best player of this generation?
Y.E. YANG: It's always good to have a win. Having it over Tiger is an added perk, definitely.
I try to -- it's nothing personal, but it's good to come back and have a win after 2009 in singles. Yeah, hopefully it's a continuing streak.

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