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November 19, 2011

Bill Haas

Hunter Mahan


HUNTER MAHAN: This has definitely The Ryder Cup atmosphere. It was difficult. It was tough. We grinded. We got 2-up and we got it back to even and Bill made two birdies. Boy, it was a lot going on today. This is an Australian team we were playing today, we heard it all day and to make it like that feels good.

Q. Were you thinking that Hunter would make that putt?
BILL HAAS: I was hoping he would because my 6-footer looked 12 feet all of a sudden. I give all the credit in the world to Hunter today. He carried me, a couple nice birdies on the back nine, carried me midway through the round and it's fitting he made that putt there. It was his match. That was pretty special to watch.

Q. You went from U.S. Open to British Open it seemed like in two days, just talk about the conditions a little.
BILL HAAS: It went from nice, doable, rain to not that much rain, and then the wind picked up and dropped probably 15, 20 degrees maybe.
So very difficult. We didn't make it -- I was struggling middle of the round, Hunter really picked me up. Could have been ugly there if he was struggling. I made a couple birdies on the back nine to feel like I helped the team a little bit and awesome to finish it off.

Q. Talk about the last putt, what it felt like.
HUNTER MAHAN: Interesting hole. I felt like coming into the green, I hit a perfect shot, it's a brutal pin to get close to. I mean, Bill, I hit it 20 feet probably. Bill out of the rough hits it six feet, I mean, incredible shot.
I told him we have to be prepared to make our putts and sure enough Jason drills it right in the middle. It broke a couple feet. The greens are perfect so if you get it on-line -- and I had a pure roll, and boy, it looked good the whole way. Felt good when it dropped.

Q. Talk about playing against the Australians all day, I'm sure it was a great atmosphere and a little emotion in the end when it went in.
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah we were playing the Australian team and felt like we were playing all of Australia out there. It was fun. You have to enjoy that because this is great, and this is great to be a part of and it's special.
It's a great team, just I mean, they were playing well, they hit a lot of great shots when they had to, so it feels nice to get a point because we needed a full one.

Q. Talk about where you stand now, 12-9, maybe 13-9 going into tomorrow.
HUNTER MAHAN: I knew -- I don't know how Jim and if we are playing -- every match is tough. We needed a full point right there. We had the lead, two out of the four to go and we needed a full point. A halve was going to be disappointing and we knew that.

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