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November 18, 2011

Aaron Baddeley

Jason Day


Q. It's only the second day of The Presidents Cup, but you've both been in the thick of major championships, given what was at stake, a captain's pick and your home game, did you feel the pressure today?
JASON DAY: It was very hard, we had Tiger and Dustin across the tee. Obviously we halved a match yesterday but a positive bounce back today. I felt like I was just watching him play the whole round -- obviously we are a team and I think we had a lot of fun out there.

Q. How special is this for you?
JASON DAY: It's very special. Obviously it was a tough match out there. It's very tiring and very hot out there, but Badds played wonderful golf today. It was very, very tough with the wind. It was very gusty and I'm just glad I had him as a teammate today.

Q. When you walked off this green 24 hours ago, your face was down, you were emotional. How determined were you today and secondly, how great is it for you to achieve that goal?
AARON BADDELEY: Yesterday was very disappointing, even though we still got a halve. But it was great to bounce back today and like Jason said, we are a team and I feel like we feed well off each other and we get on great out there. And we are really supportive of each other, so I feel like we are a team out there. To win today and to beat Tiger and Dustin, which is a tough pair to beat, it's pretty special.

Q. You beat two of the biggest names on that American Team, what does that do for you guys?
AARON BADDELEY: It gives us confidence and hopefully gives other guys confidence on the team, as well. If we can get a couple of points here going into Saturday, we can make it a tight match.
JASON DAY: Yeah, definitely, just we had a really tough match against Tiger and Dustin. They played great. We are just looking forward to the rest of the week. I know it's going to be only tougher and we just have to go out there and have fun and play our own game.

Q. Playing together for the last two days, what have you learned about each other's games that you didn't know before?
JASON DAY: Badds has got a lot of heart. He was a little disappointed after yesterday's finish, but we are a team and I felt it just as much as he did. He came back strong today and played great and just shows how much heart he's got.

Q. What about you and Jason?
AARON BADDELEY: I would say the same thing, a lot of heart. I feel like Jason is very determined, you know, and I think he's very focused on what he wants to achieve. I know we wanted to win and it's what we talked about the whole way around. I think that's the best way to describe Jason is determined.

Q. Would you be happy if you stayed a team the next day?
JASON DAY: Definitely.
JASON DAY: I think we both work well together and we are both young and can get the crowd into it which is nice. The crowd were behind us all the way today. It's a little bit different from yesterday. A little quiet yesterday but we had the whole crowd behind us today and played great. We are really looking forward to the next few rounds.

Q. Have you put that request to your captain?
JASON DAY: We are certainly going to talk to Greg about it but we are happy with whoever he picks. But we would like to stay together, would be nice.

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