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February 24, 2000

Duffy Waldorf


NELSON LUIS: Well, obviously another great day for you here at the World Golf Championships - Andersen Consulting Match Play Championship event. Why don't you talk about your round and explain what the turning point was for you today.

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, it was another good day for me. I played well. It started out like yesterday, I lost the first hole with a birdie, but I got it back real quick with a birdie on the second hole to get back to even. And I was kind of back and forth, I would say, through six holes, seven holes, and we were all even after seven. And it felt like I made a nice run on No. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. I birdied 8, 9 and 11 and 12. And it put me obviously in a great position being 4-up. But it wasn't easy. I still had to play well coming in. He kept coming, and made a good birdie on 13 to get back to 3-down, and had good tries on 14 and 15, and almost got more back, and I bogeyed 16. So he was only 2-down. He still had a chance. As well as I played, I still only won by a couple of holes. It was a very close match, even though I got off to a good lead in the middle of it.

NELSON LUIS: Let's talk a little bit about your mindset, going into a match play event versus stroke-play.

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, the mindset is there's kind of -- you feel like over 18 holes anything can happen. And so that's a good thing, I guess, in my sense, because I'm coming in as kind of a lower ranked player and going against some really strong players. So I know I still have a chance. Obviously even though I've won a few tournaments, I've certainly had a few where I haven't done as well as I'd like. I feel like I always have a chance in this event. And you've got to -- it's really hard sometimes to play the man, because sometimes you play the opponent and he may not be doing what you expect. So you try to stay in a stroke-play mode, but also kind of keep in mind what the other guy is doing, and you may have to adjust your play accordingly, depending on what he's doing.

Q. And why don't we close it out with some of your thoughts heading into tomorrow?

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, I'm sure I'm going to have another tough opponent, like I've had every other day. I feel good. I feel good about my game. I get to start over fresh and hopefully come out and bring another strong performance out to the course, and you never know, it might be good enough.

Q. How much did your win yesterday give you confidence and how much of that were you able to carry into today?

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, it gave me a lot of confidence, obviously beating a great player like Vijay and going to boost your confidence. I also know that all that good stuff I did yesterday, I take the good from it and hopefully start fresh and I'm going to have to bring it to the course again. And the same thing tomorrow, I've got to bring it to the course again. I just can't show up, just because I've won a couple of matches, every guy that's still in here has won a couple of matches. They're all playing well. So you've got to bring your game and come out fresh, and starting at zero and try to get on the plus side.

Q. Is it kind of fun, maybe even extra incentive, you're one of the higher seeds, you look at the media room, everyone bolted with Sergio, is it kind of fun knocking these guys off as you go along, in addition to the fact that winning is winning, to prove to people what you can do?

DUFFY WALDORF: I think it's nice to show people what you can do. It's nice to keep doing it. I hope to keep doing it past this tournament, too. It's exciting to still be in it, for sure.

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