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November 17, 2011

Dustin Johnson

Matt Kuchar


Q. Greg Norman just came over to you and said, "You killed my day." I want to talk to you first, Stricker was giving you putting advice on the putting green this morning and I guess it paid off there?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, I'd been struggling with the putter a little bit but we just got out there and worked on tempo this morning and get the stroke, because these greens are so fast. It's easy to decel going into it because it's so quick.
You feel like if you just barely touch it goes by the hole six or seven feet. It definitely helped here on the last hole. I had a putt to win and that's all you want.
MATT KUCHAR: DJ stepped up big today, those putts are not easy, the amount of pressure on those, that's just really clutch and he knocked in three or four of those today that just can go either way and they were big. They were big savers and that was a big one to have a halve in his match.

Q. In the majority of the matches, the Americans were down and to Raleigh back and go into day two with a 4-2 advantage, what is this going to do for the chemistry of the team room?
MATT KUCHAR: All of a sudden we thought we were looking not so good, and to get a halve, we felt like we got a win. We won something there, and I think to finish on that, the U.S. squad feels pretty good. And awfully nice to ruin Greg Norman's day, by the way (laughing).
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Me and Matt played good all day, a couple of mishaps with 3-putts but those guys hung in there and made some clutch putts on us all day long. It feels great, though, to get that half a point. And congrats to the rest of the team for playing so well, too.

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