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November 17, 2011

Aaron Baddeley

Jason Day

Adam Scott


MARK WILLIAMS: We welcome Jason Day, Aaron Baddeley, K.J. Choi and Adam Scott, two of the three International Teams that were unbeaten today.

Q. Aaron, tough finish, how do you feel after that?
AARON BADDELEY: It was tough. Got the wind wrong on the second shot on 17, and obviously hit a poor shot, tee shot, on 18. Yeah, very disappointing, because it's a different feel, being a part of the team you know. You feel like you let everyone down as opposed to just yourself. The good thing was we got a halve and we played really good today. I definitely enjoyed being a team, like being out there with Jason and playing together, and we had a great time. We really had a lot of fun. It was just disappointing just to get a halve. Like I said, at least it was a halve and it wasn't a loss.

Q. Obviously a big pressure match for you today with everything that's going on, how good did it feel to play so well and have such a lopsided win?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, look, it felt great to get a point on the first match under the belt. You know, I've really been looking forward to this Presidents Cup all year, and felt it's a big deal for me, as it is for the other Aussies. Especially playing here at home this week, so I was very nervous going out there today.
But K.J. and I played great, and we got a point. But, look, you know, overall, we have now got a bit of work to do to get ourselves right in the mix from tomorrow onwards. And that's really our focus. We enjoyed a little celebration there when the match was over, but really our focus is looking ahead now.

Q. You've been split up for tomorrow, and you'll go with Kyung-tae Kim. Obviously you've got Mickelson and Furyk, pretty strong team. What can you do to help -- Greg was talking about showing him where to hit it and sight lines and whatnot, but obviously a lot on your shoulders.
ADAM SCOTT: I think it's a good idea for the guys that have a bit of experience around this golf course to help others who don't. It certainly would make me feel more comfortable. Even if I knew a golf course, heading out there in your first Presidents Cup, it's not an easy thing to do. And if you're out there with someone who knows the ropes a little bit; Ernie did that for me in 2003 and I had good success with him there.
I think, you know, Kyung-tae Kim and Y.E. obviously did not play their best golf today. I'm playing well. I think K.T. can feed off me if he needs to. You know, I'm hoping he goes out and plays great tomorrow and I won't have to tell him a thing.
Everyone is a really good player, but it's just about getting comfortable and getting a bit of energy happening. I think that's the reason behind all of the pairings.

Q. How do you go about it -- you can't afford to think about those holes --
AARON BADDELEY: You focus on all of the good stuff. Both Jason and I played so great today, we did so much right. So just focus on that, and knowing that there had been times where you finish a round with a bogey and you bounce back the next day and you shoot a really good score.
So it's not the first time that I've made a mistake on the last hole, and be able to bounce back tomorrow. Tomorrow we are just focusing on playing well and getting up there with Jason and try to get a point.

Q. Your thoughts on the day?
JASON DAY: I mean, we played so good. Obviously a little disappointing that we got the halve, but we didn't lose, which was a good thing. Obviously that's a positive going into tomorrow.
Obviously a halve is a half a point, which is good. I think that's a good positive for us to go into tomorrow. Obviously it would have been nice of us to finish on 17, but we are rookies, and I think we have got to try and get some of the veterans, to get their experience, and talk to them a little bit.
I'm looking forward to going out tomorrow with Aaron and playing again. We played really, really good and I think although we didn't end up winning, we halved, but it's positive. Obviously this is our first time in The Presidents Cup against a very, very tough team. And we just need to go out there and just get the job done.

Q. Aaron, the weather forecast tomorrow, how big of an advantage is it going to be for guys on your team that have played in these conditions on this course before?
AARON BADDELEY: I think it will be an advantage for sure. I think what Adam mentioned, about having the guys who have been around here before and playing with some of the guys who haven't, is a very good idea.
This is definitely a different golf course from when it blows in the south. Tomorrow a little bit of experience on the golf course is going to be key, and so I think the pairings are very good for us.

Q. Greg Norman has talked a little bit how you were almost a player/captain during the course of the year. Can you talk about why you felt now was the time to step forward in a leadership role on the team?
ADAM SCOTT: Look, I don't really think I've taken a leadership role on the team. I just told Greg that if he wants to know anything or wants me to pass anything around, I'm happy to help him make his job as easy as it possibly can be for him.
It's tough to get all of us information around to all of us all year; we are all over the place. And, you know, look, I think the feeling is the same for anyone who has been on the team. Just want it to work as smoothly as we can so we have the best possible chance to get down here and win The Presidents Cup, and that's really all it was. You know, I was just vocal about how I felt personally about things over the years, and you know, if there's anything I can do to make his job a little easier, I thought that would be -- that's all I kind of offered.

Q. Aaron and Jason, first time today, how do you compare the level of nerves you felt out there in a team situation compared to a tournament?
JASON DAY: Yeah, obviously it's a lot more nerve-wracking for us. We don't get to play in too many team events.
But you know, you've got so much pressure, because you're hitting the shot for your teammates, you're hitting the shot for your partner, you don't want to put him in the trees. Obviously there's a lot of pressure out there but the thing is, no matter what you do, you've got to get the job done. And that's just what it is. Obviously I think Webb and Bubba went out there and shot 7-under and finished early; you just don't know what's going to happen out there.
Obviously we played well today. It's obviously a pressure situation; we are the last group out there, and we just need the crowd to get into it and obviously support us along the way and obviously we need a lot of fans yelling out and picking us up when we need them.
You know obviously we are rookies but that certainly helps a lot when the crowds are loud.
AARON BADDELEY: Absolutely. The crowd today was great. Getting out there, you had the Aussies out there and everybody was great. I think the more crowd support that we can get out there, the better it is. It picks you up, pulls you along and gets you going.

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