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November 17, 2011

Fred Couples


Q. You have to be pleased with 4-2?
FRED COUPLES: It did not look like 4-2 an hour and a half ago. Bill Haas fought hard, he and Nick Watney did a great job and we just saw Kuchar and Johnson get a little lucky to win the last two holes. They had tough teams and we had tough teams. We still fought hard and a 4-2 lead, I'll take that any day.

Q. Tiger, 5-0 last year, got beat badly today. Any thoughts of splitting them up?
FRED COUPLES: We have a half hour after this and we have been running around so excited to figure this all out. But we'll go in and see what everyone wants to do. I know Webb Simpson and Bubba Watson are going to fire out of there tomorrow. We are going to keep a lot of the teams.
Phil and Furyk won easily today, and those matches I think make people feel a little better. Somehow we won these two matches on the 18th hole which was miraculous. But best-ball tomorrow, we'll come out fighting. We are going to go a little earlier which I think helps everybody, get them out here, and the crowds were great today.
But as far as Tiger goes, I'll talk to those guys and see what they want to do.

Q. How big is this day for this U.S. Team?
FRED COUPLES: Well, I don't think it's a secret that our guys feel like the two matches that we tied to get half a point, were pins, and I'm sure they are disappointed, but they are all tough players and they will come out tomorrow and play hard and play hard.
Dustin Johnson, for them to win that match, it's huge. It's the last match of the day, everyone is watching and to make a 4-footer to get a huge half a point is a big deal.

Q. How proud are you of the young players this week?
FRED COUPLES: We were out there and Bill Haas and Nick were 2-down and I heard from a couple of guys, they are playing very, very well. You jump in the wagon like that and you come back and tie Ogilvy and Charl Schwartzel, one of their stronger teams, was a good feeling, certainly I think for our team. And their team is going to come out tomorrow and we'll figure out if we change anything or whatever for best-ball. But our guys, we are in a good mood.

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