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November 17, 2011

Webb Simpson

Bubba Watson


Q. The bunker shot on 9, and it looked like you guys were out on 12 and you made the bomb.
BUBBA WATSON: You know, it's one of those things where like the first hole, he lips past and I miss the putt. Golf always pays you back. You're going to have bad days and you're going to have good days. It was just one of those where they made putts early to get ahead of us and then we made a couple putts. They got some good up-and-downs.
We got some good breaks, I guess you could say, however you want to word it. Obviously he's playing great, he's 9th in the world, and I trusted him over iron shots and putts. It was him who was worried about me but other than that, we had some good breaks.

Q. The 2-down deficit early, was that a good wake-up call?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was. I was pretty nervous. I'm glad Bubba was hitting the first tee shot and he gave me a good pep talk, he could see I was really nervous and he really helped me. I knew him pretty well before this week but now I know him really well and already one of my best friends and made me laugh like crazy. I told Freddie, if he puts me with anyone else, I'm going back home.

Q. The putt on 6 seemed to settle you down.
WEBB SIMPSON: Bubba hit a shot there that I don't think you could get it close there on the par 3. Those putts gave us a nice kick start and won the next hole with par. They played great golf as well and hats off to them and felt fortunate to be able to close it off.

Q. Can you walk through the bunker shot on 9?
BUBBA WATSON: Great angle, don't forget that.
WEBB SIMPSON: We are all about angles. The bunkers here are pretty fine sand, so I was fortunate to draw a good lie and I had a good number and it came out just right.

Q. You've been talking about playing together for weeks.
BUBBA WATSON: You know, at New Orleans, I text him that morning, Sunday morning, we talked a little bit. We got there, we were excited about playing. Our caddies are good friends and so for us, it was a fun walk in the park. Obviously something bad happened and I took advantage of it.
But coming here, we were looking forward to this, hoping he got on the team and obviously he stepped up his game and got on the team. We were looking forward to it. We have the same beliefs so why not come out here -- he loves hitting shots. He can see the out of trouble shots and that's what I do, so it was a good gel and a good mix. If it was a loss, we'd be saying something different but we won?

Q. Can you talk about the putt on 15? Looked like you guys were winning the hole and Ernie makes one from the fringe.
BUBBA WATSON: I had this 50-footer --

Q. And then the chip, and you made it on top of them, the match was still 3-up, big difference between 3-up and 2-up.
WEBB SIMPSON: Absolutely. We played the hole I think how you have to play it and hit it up near the green in two, and Bubba made a great third shot to get it there about four feet.
Ernie is such great player, didn't surprise me. He had a nice rhythm and went right in.

Q. Can you talk about the putt on 12?
BUBBA WATSON: It was funny, I was thinking about this when I was getting over it. It was one of those where you read it but it's so far way and all you had to do was 2-putt if you miss. One of those you almost give them a hole, and you relax and then hit a good putt. Halfway to the hole I was thinking, the a heights, you see the highlights of people doing heroic stuff, and then if this goes in, if it goes in, do I celebrate? Do I yell? This is not our hometown, I don't know what to do.
I think I shook my hands a little bit, but yeah, then you have to realize -- he still had a chance to win the hole and we got lucky he missed it.

Q. 40 feet?
BUBBA WATSON: Easily 50, into the wind, uphill -- (laughter).

Q. In this environment, you seem very at ease, how do you explain it?
BUBBA WATSON: The way I see it, I'm a veteran after I played in The Ryder Cup last year and he's a rookie. The way I see it, these guys are really good so my job is Todd calm him down, stay patient, and let him do what he does. He was battling for No. 1 on the Money List, and he's No. 9 in the world for a reason. That's why I picked the odd holes so I could putt less than him.
I saw he was a little jittery. He hit a shot he normally doesn't hit, it cut a little bit on No. 4 and went up to him and told him he's the best player here, he's the 9th in the world and that's why you're on the team, you're the best putter. And I calmed him down and made a couple of jokes after that and got him laughing and not thinking about the other stuff and not the swing. That's my job, I'm the jokester on the team, and just forget about it and have fun. We have a good life no matter if we win or lose so just keep your head down and keep grinding.

Q. How important was it to get point No. 1 on the board for the USA?
BUBBA WATSON: I think it's great. It's one of those things where for us, we want to get out there, we are jittery and want to get out there first and don't have to wait on groups in front of us or whatever. For us, it was a great position for us to get out there, and if we win, it's a bonus, at least get a tie, but for us hopefully the guys will see that and grind it out and they know if goofy Bubba can do it, they have a chance, too.

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