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November 17, 2011

Bill Haas

Nick Watney


Q. Tell us the deal with how you guys played today.
BILL HAAS: I felt we played nice, for alternate-shot, we had a couple of bad holes, but they had a couple bad ones. Obviously you know, apart from us being all-square there -- we definitely had a couple extra looks that could have gone in and they will say the same exact thing probably.
I really wanted to make that putt on the last hole knowing that every point is huge, every half a point is huge. Didn't really give it a good run there, but we hung in there. Being down all day and to end up all-square is a half of a victory.

Q. Do you think the nature of the golf course, gives a lot and takes a lot away sometimes?
NICK WATNEY: Yeah, like Bill said, I thought we played nice. I think Bill played really well. We were 2-down with four to play I think, and Bill hit a great bunker shot on 15. You know, at that point we would have definitely taken a halve. Wish I could have given him a little better look, but we earned half a point, so we're excited for tomorrow.

Q. How do you find the crowd? Obviously a lot of support for Geoff and Charl, the Internationals playing, how did you find them?
BILL HAAS: Obviously supporting them 100 percent, but that's what you want and that's what it should be. And when we made a nice putt, they all clapped, probably not as loud as they did for them, but they are great fans here, and it was fun giving them a good show there.

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