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November 17, 2011

Adam Scott


Q. The most anticipated match, with you being an Aussie, and Tiger; how would you best explain why you guys won so convincingly?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, K.J. and I didn't get it out of position today, which is a good thing on this golf course. We both played very well. They got out of position a couple of times, and you know, they didn't play their best.
Yeah, a good win, because they were a tough team last time, took a lot of points off us, so it was pleasing to get one up there.

Q. Is it extra special when you defeat not only the best player of the generation, but also a guy that he partnered with to go 5-0 in the last Presidents Cup?
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. Look, it was going to be a tough match no matter what. Those two guys are so good, they don't have to play their best to win.

Q. Not only did you win, but you and K.J. won decisively. Are you surprised by the score?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, K.J. and I played very well, and they certainly didn't play their best today. So you know, that sometimes is how a score can go, especially maybe in a format like this when it's hard, if you are not putting it all together.
You know, just very pleased with the way K.J. and I played. We played this course very well today.

Q. How much pride as an Aussie, getting a point on the opening day?
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely, this is what I've been waiting for all year. I've enjoyed the whole week so far and what a great way to start. Happy to see some of the best players in the world in any home country for a change. It's fantastic.

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