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November 16, 2011

Kyung-Tae Kim


Q. How do you feel to be here for the first time?
KT KIM: First of all I feel really excited because the game will be starting tomorrow.
As from the pairing, I'm playing with Y.E. Yang and I've already played with him from Japan, Korea tournaments this year, so I feel good about it.

Q. What do you think of the course, Royal Melbourne?
KT KIM: The most impressive thing is the greens is really hard. Second thing is, the second shot is really important I think than the first shot. And I played here six years ago, and it was really good for me to play on that time, so if I remember back, the memories, it will be really good to play here again. It was an amateur tournament.

Q. How did you start playing golf?
KT KIM: When I was little, I was just like a normal kid, I liked sports, but when I started sports, I can't do more than two months or three, but since my father was a professional golfer and I saw him playing, and I really liked it, so I just followed him and I started to like golf. That's how I started. His name is Kichang Kin.

Q. Where did he play? What tours did he play?
KT KIM: Oh, no, he wasn't playing. My father, he got an injury in the first year of playing, he was injured so he became a teaching pro.

Q. Do you have any plans to go to America and follow Y.E. Yang and K.J. Choi to the PGA TOUR? Is that your plan for the future?
KT KIM: Just like this year, I am expecting to play 12 events on the PGA TOUR. And K.J. and Y.E. are helping me out a lot and I'll just follow the path that they went. I'll just follow the path.

Q. Y.E. said earlier today that you are the No. 1 Korean player; how do you feel about that?
KT KIM: I think the reason he said he like me -- I first of all want to say thank you to K.J. and Y.E. Yang. They are like a big brother to me. And because of them, I played golf, and thank you for, that yeah.

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