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November 16, 2011

K.J. Choi

Ernie Els


Q. You were in yesterday, K.J., and obviously the next day the pairings were done, and you are now playing with Adam Scott in the final match against Tiger and Stricker. What are your feelings on the pairings? What do you expect playing with Adam?
K.J. CHOI: I think Stricker and Tiger, the only thing that went through my mind is it's going to be fun out there.

Q. Are you excited to play against Tiger in the final match?
K.J. CHOI: Yeah. A lot of people are going to be watching. I don't really think about that.
ERNIE ELS: So it's exciting to lead and playing with a youngster, a superstar in the making and obviously to be playing against two other young guys who have come through this year, it's different. It's alternate-shot so you've got to really play as a team, so hopefully we can do that.

Q. You are going to be the guy with a lot of experience in that group. How about getting out there and leading the team? How important is it for you and Ryo to get ahead and get points on the board and feel like you're getting progress in your match?
ERNIE ELS: It's important if we can get something going, get ourselves up in the match would be great. If we don't, at least try and compete and try and win something, get a half a point or get a point out of the match. I think it would be important to get the rest of the guys see that and put a bit of pressure on them. It will be great to go out there and get things pumping.

Q. Do you try and help Ryo, obviously you've experienced playing with Bubba and Webb, but do you impart any information onto him or just let him deal with his own stuff?
ERNIE ELS: We'll see how it goes tomorrow. But normally what I've done in the past, basically try to keep him in the game, there are certain ways of really staying in the game. You've got to stay tough sometimes and even your game, you can have shots sometimes where you've got to make sure you are in the game. We'll see how the game goes tomorrow and we'll go accordingly.

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