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November 10, 2011

Suzann Pettersen


THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome Suzann Pettersen into the interview room. Congratulations on a great round, our co-leader after shooting a 5-under 67. Can you just take me through the day?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: Sure. I got off to a very quick start. It was nice to kind of get early birdies. Felt okay during the warm-up and just decided to stay really patient and just try to keep the ball in good position off the tee, and I dropped a few putts. So it's a great start to this tournament, and it's obviously a nice tournament. I love this course, and it's nice to be here at Lorena's home club and in front of her kind of home crowd.
THE MODERATOR: Everyone I've talked to talks about this being one of their favorite courses to play. What is it about this course that makes this tournament a fun one to come to?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: I don't know, it all depends how you play, I guess. We can play great courses, and if you don't do well it's not your favorite course. This is just a very old-fashioned golf course, tree-lined, we have to shape it a little bit off the tee. This year the greens are a little bit firmer, so that makes the challenge a little bit harder coming into the greens, especially with a front pin. But I can see why you get to love the game if you grow up playing this course because this is the old-fashioned way.
THE MODERATOR: It's still very early in the week, but we were asking Juli what is it would mean to win this event since Lorena's name is attached to it. Is there something special about this event knowing it's Lorena's and all you guys having a close relationship with her?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: Like I said, it's great to be here. I was close last year to winning here. I think you just would like to win every tournament you tee it up. Obviously this week we're here in Mexico, at Lorena's course, so yes, it would be great to win this tournament.
THE MODERATOR: You talk about winning events. You've already won two this year on the LPGA Tour. What has it meant to you to have this type of season, as are you able to, now that we're getting toward the end, reflect back a little bit more on what you've been able to accomplish?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: It's been a very nice year. You can never complain when you get wins. One win is great, two wins is fantastic. It kind of makes my season look average when Yani has won seven, eight tournaments on the LPGA. She makes us all work harder. It's easy to reflect back on what's been when you get to this part of the year, but trying to really stay focused on this week and next week and then try to just sit down and evaluate after. But you kind of do it halfway in your head anyway.
I'm looking forward to some time off, but I'm ready to finish strong this week and then hopefully next week, as well. Yeah, can't complain.

Q. Even though there's still three rounds left in this tournament, you've been very close all the previous years. What do you think you have to do to take that extra step to win? So many people here want you to win.
SUZANN PETTERSEN: I don't know. Can you tell me? Do you have a good tip? I keep coming back, though, I haven't given up. Last year I played really good. Last year I thought was my best chance, and I.K. shot really low on Sunday. I think she shot 8- or 9-under.
I think you win your fair share, and as long as you put yourself in a good position, you'll win tournaments. Like I said, it would be a nice way, but it's a long way away at the same time. But it's a good start. 5-under is a good score around this place.

Q. How do you feel the atmosphere of the tournament is? There's less people out there, probably less interest because Lorena isn't playing. How do you see the atmosphere out there?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: Obviously I think we all expected the crowds to be less with Lorena not being in the field, and I also think with those games going on in Guadalajara, the Pan-American games, so there's big events. But I still think you get the general golf crowd here. The atmosphere is fantastic. Usually we can't finish soon enough on the 18th green before the live music and the atmosphere is going on on the patio. I think the golf members love having us here, and we truly appreciate being here.

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