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November 6, 2011

Michael Allen


THE MODERATOR: Michael, a final round, 71, and you end up T-2 for the second consecutive year in the Charles Schwab Championship. You told me coming over here the last four holes were really difficult when it got colder and the wind was blowing. But you end up saving par at the last hole. I don't know if you knew at the time that really gave Tom Lehman the Schwab Cup this year.
MICHAEL ALLEN: I didn't know that but I kind of thought it might help him because listening to all those scenarios I thought he'd have it easily by now. Only have to finish like -- other guys have to finish second or -- I mean, he almost had to finish second with others like Calcavecchia those other guys to win. So I don't know. I'm glad I could help. Maybe he'll fly me home. (Laughter).
THE MODERATOR: Maybe talk about the day. You make birdie at 16 there to really sort of creep closer to Jay Don. And then bogeyed 17.
MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, it was just frustrating all week. I just struggled with my ball-striking so much. Finally hit a nice shot in there on 16. I only had like 112 yards to the hole. I was hitting like a 130 shot. Like a 9-iron just knocking it down in there.
Finally got one right. Hit a solid shot.
THE MODERATOR: Six, seven foot to putt.
MICHAEL ALLEN: I think it was maybe a little more than that, maybe eight, ten feet. But then the next hole, I knew we had one 72 hole, I was trying to get it below the hole there. And just hit a terrible shot again. And I just kind of come out of it. I don't know, I can't get the club squared at impact.
Hit a terrible shot there and plugged the ball in the bunker. So be it. Sure feels pretty bad when you see he bogeyed I guess 16 or 17, right?
THE MODERATOR: You hit what there at 17?
MICHAEL ALLEN: I was hitting a 6-iron.
THE MODERATOR: Just tell us about the last hole. You were short. But you almost chipped it in, right?
MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, I hit a beautiful shot from down there. I had to carry the little ridge there, bumping it into the hill or carry the ridge.
It was not a great lie, but I hit a beautiful shot there. I thought I had it. I was posing. And started acting up and stuff.
And I just came up an inch or two short. Right in the middle of the hole.

Q. Michael, Jay Don Blake's story -- yours we know pretty much. You went for a long time in the regular TOUR. Here's a guy that went 20 years without a win. Was an NCAA champion 30 years ago. Were you aware of him on the regular TOUR? And did you know about his back, et cetera? Do guys ever talk about that?
MICHAEL ALLEN: I've never really talked about his back. I know that -- when I got on TOUR in 1990 he was a good, solid player out there. Usually kept his card pretty regularly. It wasn't a big problem for him.
He's been a good player. So I really didn't know why he kind of stopped playing that well, now you find out it's a back problem. I played him in Korea when we went -- that last day when I was leading, he ended up winning, he putted phenomenally. Hit the ball around decently. But that day I think he made three 15 footers just for par, besides some birdie putts.
He's always been a great putter his whole life. When we played in college, he was a great putter, and that's been his game. Now he's got his health, he can get the ball around. He's a very confident player.

Q. Of all parts of golf, guys say putting isn't golf, if you could be good at something it's nice to be able to hole six and seven-footers all the time. He's a great putter.
MICHAEL ALLEN: You go out to dinner with someone, you want to go out to dinner with a good putter, because they're always happy. The other guy: I hit the ball great, I played so bad. You always want to go out to dinner with a good putter. They're happy.

Q. Can you compare the feeling this year to last year? Last year you had the 54-hole lead coming off 61. Today you were the chaser, but is the feeling all the same?
MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, I mean, I really came out thought I was in a great position again to win. And I just really -- like the last day yesterday, kind of was more the whole week, fought it out, didn't play all that well all week, was able to get it around. And I putted nice. I kept myself in the game with some good chipping and putting.
But the feeling, I guess, is last year I guess I really felt like it was my tournament to win. I was playing very well going into it.
I was really playing well all week. And I didn't really come out with that great of stuff on Sunday. But last year was kind of me and John Cook doing it away. And this year I could get it going. I really didn't know what they were doing. I didn't see many scoreboards out there. I didn't really know where I was. I thought I was about three shots back at the turn. I didn't birdie either of the par 5s. I just felt I was in very good shape anyhow. I very was surprised to see myself only a couple back, in second place, when I made birdie on 16. And then I choked.

Q. I know you live in Scottsdale, but after being second here two years in a row, you're probably not happy that this is not going to be here next year?
MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, I would love to have this thing here every year. I think it's just a great place to play. And it's nice to have weather be a part of golf. It isn't meant to be, and you come out there and play in these conditions, it's really fun to me.
I love it. The rain stayed away, so it made it fun. It was kind of windy and cold. And it's Bay Area golf. Lot of 49ers and Giants hats out there, it's beautiful.

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