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November 5, 2011

Adam Scott


Q. Fine finish, thought I would get your reaction from the other stuff that's been brewing this morning?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, you know, Steve released -- issued a statement and apologised, and, you know, he did the right thing. That's all there is to say about that from my side of things. He did the right thing.

Q. So no issue for you then?
ADAM SCOTT: No, it's not an issue for me.

Q. Some people say that he should be sacked.
ADAM SCOTT: I disagree with that. I think everything in that room last night was all in good spirits and for a bit of fun, and I think it probably got taken out of that room in the wrong context.

Q. Do you feel that it would be pretty awkward if you end up playing with Tiger at the U.S. Open or Presidents Cup?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't think it should be awkward for me. I'm the guy stuck in the middle but I don't really have a gripe with either guy. So it's for them to sort out between themselves.

Q. If you were to just get rid of him -- as a caddie, is it an unnecessary distraction?
ADAM SCOTT: 69, didn't distract me too badly in the end today. Look, anything with Tiger involved is a story, so you know, I value Steve's contribution to my game and have him on the bag, and you know, while he's caddying, I hope he can caddie for me.

Q. I guess you have to accept, also, that anything that has the kind of language that was involved there is also a story, isn't it?
ADAM SCOTT: There was a lot of language used last night, and it's just this was reported. I don't really think that stuff has ever left the room before, and it's probably good reasons why. I think it's probably all very unnecessary.

Q. That he maybe is a racist, the comments -- do you believe that?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't think so. I think we all know that's not the case.

Q. Did you talk to Stevie about it?
ADAM SCOTT: No, it was already dealt with. It's been dealt with as far as I'm concerned. I've got really nothing more to add now.

Q. What was your reaction when you first heard the whole situation up there, the award, the delivery, his line?
ADAM SCOTT: I thought it was all in jest and fun of the evening. That's how the whole evening was. Everything was quite amusing.

Q. You couldn't foresee a problem?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, like I said, those things are not meant to go past that room, but, you know, obviously somebody took it out and that's the way it goes. There's really no safe haven for what you say, and so you've got to be careful.

Q. So there are some lines that are just not crossed and within a room like that, there's a bit of fun, but that's a bit beyond fun, isn't it?
ADAM SCOTT: Steve said what he said. He's issued a statement.

Q. Obviously you ran into a buzzsaw on one hole and got it back, can you talk about the finish you had?
ADAM SCOTT: It was an up-and-down round. It's a funny odd day out there. I didn't feel good rhythm-wise in my golf swing and hit a couple of bad shots and got in really awkward positions and managed to have a great finish and keep myself in the game for tomorrow, which is good, because for a while, I was so far away and felt like, you know, wasted the week on a few bad swings.

Q. What were the details of 16, 17, 18?
ADAM SCOTT: A tap-in on 16, I hit a good wedge shot and I hit a 5-iron to about eight feet on 17, a good shot in there and obviously spun a wedge in the hole on the last.
I had 105 and I spun a wedge back in the hole.

Q. What did the ball look like on 8?
ADAM SCOTT: It was about a quarter up, but it was -- it looked quite playable, it was a quarter up but it looked like it should come out and it just went straight up. So I thought it wouldn't have really been a problem. Obviously if you're going to hit one out of the water, you're pretty confident that it's coming out and it just popped straight up?

Q. What were you expecting out of it distance-wise?
ADAM SCOTT: Maybe 50. I thought it would go 50 yards but I'm a bit out of touch with my play out of the water.

Q. Did it just go to the bottom after that?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, just kicked away into trouble. Quite a process after that.

Q. Are you disappointed that an otherwise good round has been Marched by discussions about Steve?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it's been a hot topic for a while, but, look, hopefully we'll move on.

Q. Do you think the Tour should take any action at all, any of the Tours?
ADAM SCOTT: That's not really for me to decide. It's up to them.

Q. The story is big worldwide and down under, does it make it harder for you the next two weeks?
ADAM SCOTT: Like I said, I don't think it makes it harder for me. I stand here and answer questions. I don't think I'm the guy that's having a finger pointed at or on the receiving end.

Q. You're not worried that your sponsors might take a negative view?
ADAM SCOTT: I would hope not, because I don't think I've done anything wrong.

Q. You're in action regarding those comments -- the very fact that you are not reacting to those comments?
ADAM SCOTT: Look, should I give Steve a knock over the knuckles? He issued a statement and I think that was the right thing to do.

Q. Do you think that's enough, the statement?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't know, what more should he say? What more should I say? I think in his statement he apologised and he's done the right thing.

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