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November 4, 2011

David Frost


THE MODERATOR: Tied for the lead after 36 holes. General comments about the round, David. Another hard day to play.
DAVID FROST: The wind didn't really blow as hard. It wasn't as miserable as yesterday. It was quite consistent, chilly out there. Maybe one-club into the wind, and downwind maybe a half a club or so.
Generally speaking, yeah, it was just hard shaping the ball when it's so cold. You just got to try and drive it and keep it in play. I guess that's the same every week, but this week it's a little harder because it's so cold.
THE MODERATOR: Could you take us through your round.
DAVID FROST: I made about a 20-footer on the 1st hole for a birdie. Hit a good wedge in.
Bogey on 3. 6-iron in the right rough. Didn't get up-and-down.
Hit a nice putt for birdie on 4. 15-footer.
Played steady. I just didn't have my rhythm on the first seven holes today.
Anyway, I bogeyed 7. Hit a bad tee shot in the rough. Should have tried to play safe. Such a short hole, you think, I can't play away from the hole with a wedge in my hand. You make bogey, you think back, Why didn't I go for the safe five?
8, made a long putt for birdie.
9, got up-and-down out of the bunker, 10-footer for birdie.
10, hung it over the hole for birdie, 10 feet.
11, almost holed it from about three feet.
12, I chipped in about 12 paces from the hole with a sand wedge.
Just missed the fairway by two yards on No. 13. Couldn't get it out of the rough. Made a bogey there.
I had some good chances. I had a birdie putt from 12 feet on 14, 15 feet on 15, 16 I lipped out for birdie, 17 I missed a three-footer for par, 18 I didn't hit a good putt and 2-putted from about 16 feet or so.
So, you know, in general I think it could have been a little better. The round could have been at least two shots better. But then again I made one long putt on 8, then it all evens out again.
THE MODERATOR: We'll go to questions.

Q. David, you mentioned rhythm in there. On No. 4 you hung back when everybody took off walking. You were working on something. I watched you do that for three or four holes. But I thought you were hitting the ball good.
DAVID FROST: My sync is just a bit out. I'm not getting to the golf ball. My body is too early every time, it's too early. I think I fiddled with something at San Antonio a couple weeks ago and kind of didn't really stick to it until I got to the 8th hole today, then I went back to the idea I had in San Antonio. I played better from the 8th hole on. I did find my timing a little bit.
My left hand grip has been a little weak on the club which has not enabled me to come back around with the golf club. I played better the last 10 holes.

Q. Seems like I remember you talking about the grip thing even a year or two ago, that you were fighting getting the handle stronger.
DAVID FROST: Yeah, it's a never-ending battle. You have to be patient out there because you never know when the game might just swing your way.
It only takes one little key thought out there for you to get a bit of confidence - get a lot of confidence, as a matter of fact. You just keep fiddling till you find it. When you find it, be aggressive. It's like the shots aren't going to come to you. You have to go out there and hit the shot when it counts. You can't look up and expect the ball to go in the hole.
When your swing does come around, when you do get confident, be aggressive, try to hit the ball, capitalize on that idea of just swinging at the target with no negative thoughts in mind.

Q. How would you characterize your play this year overall?
DAVID FROST: I'd say a B, B minus. You know, just didn't get it going. Funny how one week can turn the year around.

Q. You're focused on your own game. Playing with Michael Allen, can you get a sense that his home-court advantage helps him here?
DAVID FROST: Made an up-and-down there on 18 for a par. But, yeah, he told me all about his stories. We played a practice round together. Played a lot of junior golf, amateur golf out here.
It's nice. He's a local guy. Gives it a little more ambience out there with a guy like him that makes it more exciting with more fans around. It's always like that. People say, Don't you get nervous when there's a lot of people around? What's the word I'm looking for? It's anti-climactic when there's not people. When there's people around, there's always a climax.

Q. If you're not the first you're one of the first involved with wine and seriously. So many others on the tour have gotten involved in the business. When you get to northern California, which is obviously the headquarters of American wine, are you getting out at all? Do you visit wineries? How much control do you have traveling around the United States of wineries in South Africa and does it get in the way at all of golf?
DAVID FROST: Yeah, I spend a lot of time in California. I've been up for Napa many times. Came out here on Sunday, visited a friend of mine in Sonoma to get the blood flowing. Can't come here and not go to the wine country (laughter).
I hired a Napa winemaker and took him to South Africa in 1998 to help me with my winemaking there because I thought I would incorporate an American style of wine.
With that being said, I get a lot of chance to dabble in the wines. For me it's something I'd like to sort of dabble in now. When I get done with golf someday, give me something to do rather than try to slug it out here every week.
Interesting enough, I just have a shipment of wine arriving the end of the month that Trader Joe's is buying, about a five thousand case order for my Shiraz. Looking forward to you guys drinking it and critiquing it. Trader Joe's, they do a good job pleasing their clients with well-priced wines relating to the quality of the wines.

Q. At one time you were thinking about doing some wine makers dinners around the country. Did you ever get into doing that?
DAVID FROST: Yeah, I try to do that in some of the states. Texas does a lot of my wine. Retail store called Stacks (phonetic). I try and do it close to country clubs where I do have distribution.

Q. How many cases these days?
DAVID FROST: Well, the capacity would be eight thousand, eight or ten thousand. But I'm only at about three or four. When I get more time to spend drinking, I think I'll up the production (laughter).
THE MODERATOR: Continued good luck.
DAVID FROST: Thank you.

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