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November 4, 2011

Justin Rose


Q. How do you reflect on the second day?
JUSTIN ROSE: That was a frustrating day if I'm honest. Played really, really nicely. Didn't miss a shot for the first 12 holes and same as yesterday, but the putter is driving me crazy.
But seems to be the kind of day, greens are soft, you're going to give yourself lots of chances. I know probably a lot of guys are doing the same but when the greens are good and you don't make the putts, there's only one way to look and that's inwards. You can't blame the greens.
But made one on the last, so hopefully that will be the start of the run. Yeah, good weekend. Certainly in decent position, there's no doubt about that. But just has not quite added up to how I feel. There's one area of my game that's not really matching up to the rest of it by now.

Q. Which means a lot of work on the putting green through the afternoon?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it's kind of a weird thing, the putting. I feel like it's almost that I need to get away from the technique side. I know you hear the guys say all the time that when they are putting well, they are not thinking about their putting.
Right now, I'm thinking about my putting way too much. I need to find the switch to change gears and to seeing and making it more of an art form rather than a science.

Q. Which means going back to the hotel bar and just relaxing?
JUSTIN ROSE: I will go and hit a few putts now. I changed grip on the last hole to make the putt, so we'll see. We'll see if it works.

Q. Hard on yourself isn't it when you're changing grip mid round?
JUSTIN ROSE: I have about four putting strokes that I revert to. I have got an 2002 putting stroke, I have a 2007 putting stroke and I have got a 2010 putting stroke and routine, so there's all sorts.

Q. What do you think you have to do over the next two days apart from put better?
JUSTIN ROSE: That's it really, put better and play like I have. 28 greens the last couple of days, short game has not been particularly sharp. Probably have to shoot 12-under at least. It's going to get to 18 or around there, so we'll see.

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