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November 3, 2011

Michael Allen


THE MODERATOR: Michael, thanks for joining us. 69 today, 2-under par. Maybe just some general thoughts on your day and get your birdies and bogeys some questions.
MICHAEL ALLEN: All right. Overall, I started out playing pretty nice. Just wasn't really quite on my game. Not hitting my shots that great. It was a tough day. The rain started coming, the wind, then it would get nice. Up and down.
Overall, the course played beautiful but pretty long. It was a good battle out there. I fought it out. I didn't play my best coming in. Made a few putts to hang in there, so good to be here.
THE MODERATOR: How much of a difference between yesterday and today?
MICHAEL ALLEN: God, like 30 degrees and 30 yards. (Laughter.) Yeah, other than that not too much.
It's so nice to be at the TPC here in such wonderful conditions. And it's so strange to see this be at TPC Harding Park. To have it in the network is interesting, but very nice.
THE MODERATOR: Your birdies, three straight, 3,4,5 to start.
MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, 2 I hit it about three feet and missed.
3, I hit a 5-iron, pushing a little bit, kind of ran it to the hole to about six feet.
Then the next hole I hit a nice drive, hybrid down in front. I had about 94 yards to the hole and I hit my 54 to about four feet below the hole.
Next hole kind of into the wind and started blowing rain. I hit driver off the tee, and I hit a little pitching wedge in there to about 15, 18 feet and made that.
6, yeah, I three-putted. I hit drive, 8-iron. Hit it a little short and right and three-putted.
Made a nice par on 8. The wind and rain was just at its peak there. I hit a hybrid 20 yards short of the green. Not a bad shot really. Then chipped it up to about a foot or two.
Then I guess 9 is my next birdie. I hit driver and another hybrid just short of the green; chipped up to about a foot.
12, I hit a good drive. I still had 4-iron in to the green. Just short, right in front, and didn't hit a great chip. Left it about seven, eight feet short and missed that.
Then 14, had a decent drive again. Had about a 5-iron in, and just like chunked it and left it short of the green and didn't make the putt. About 10, 12 feet.
Birdie 16. I ended up hitting driver off that tee. And I still had about 95 yards to the hole. I hit my 50 to about six feet left of the hole and made birdie.
MICHAEL ALLEN: It was from about six feet.
So that was my day. How was your guys'?

Q. Bring back any wicked memories of playing here in your youth?
MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, and some of my memories too of like the city tournament we used to come out here. I remember a time -- I was actually a medalist. Me and Billy were medalists. I think we had 13 or 14 temporary greens. Just a mud bowl and it rained the whole way.
So I mean, the course is so much nicer. Nothing like that. Kind of brought back those memories of cold and wet, getting your rain suit on and playing.

Q. (No microphone.)
MICHAEL ALLEN: No, this is beautiful. I actually had greens it putt on instead of the fairway. And the fairways are better now. If the fairways were this good, we would've thought the green were all right.

Q. Speaking of memories, you played so well here last year. You shot a 61 and were in contention right down the stretch. Can you draw from how you played last year into this particular tournament? You get a good vibe coming out here?
MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, and I'm still really mad. (Laughter.) No, I do. You know, the thing is, when I come to this area and play, I just enjoy the golf here. I grew up with it. I love seeing the trees and the color of the grass.
So it's been a frustrating year in a way and I haven't won. I've played consistently really well, but I really won. I've had some opportunities, so I really would like to get a win before the end of the year for sure.

Q. Would that have been in the '70s, that city tournament you were talking about?
MICHAEL ALLEN: Well, yeah, would have been probably a teenager or 20 or so, so right around the late '70s, yeah. Maybe it's in the history books of the most temporary greens for a tournament. (Laughter.)

Q. How did you do?
MICHAEL ALLEN: Pretty well. Compared to everybody else anyhow.

Q. Do you like this course or Lincoln better? A lot of guys like Lincoln even though it's not as real a golf course as this one.
MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah. Well, you know, to me it's just interesting, because, you know, here, this is such a fun course to play. Now it's done beautifully, too. I wish that Lincoln would be -- it's one of those great courses when you're like 12 years old and you can only hit it 200 yards. You're out there playing like Olympic Club. All the doglegs and elevations.
It's great. When you start hitting as a man it's just a little tiny course, but before it was great as kid going up there once in a while and the views you get. It's great.

Q. Who all do you have out here? It seems like a little bit of vocal following around you.
MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, I don't have that many people. It's like four, but they're really loud. (Laughing.)
No, some friends came up from Arizona. Just some friends from the club came over, and, you know, just some other friends are going to come up this week from Santa Cruz and just different parts of -- I've been living here for 30 years, so eventually need a lot more concession stands. Quite a bit.

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