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November 3, 2011

Molly Huddle


Q. And the injury?
MOLLY HUDDLE: It was from the summer. I had finally gotten rid of that. I have a training partner who is racing, so I'm kind of here to support her and cheer her on, and kind of just to participate more in the race.

Q. After this is finished, what do you see moving forward for next year? I mean, you'll stop training for a couple of weeks?
MOLLY HUDDLE: I've taken my break, so I'm just starting up for next year.

Q. You're already going to get started?
MOLLY HUDDLE: Yeah, yep. I'll start workouts soon, and get a good, solid race effort in probably December, January. That will be my next big race. I'm not sure. But the main focus for me is for a lot of the people in this 5K race, the trials in the summer.

Q. Just to get to know the athletes?
MOLLY HUDDLE: Yeah, so we're all looking ahead a few months.

Q. So this year has been more emotional challenge because coming off the high of last year and doing so well, but I guess plantar fascitis, it's something you have to be patient with. You know it's eventually going to heal, but you can't push it.
MOLLY HUDDLE: Yeah. It was pretty much bad timing. I injured it during the U.S. championships, so that was when you do all your preparing for the world championships. So really it just kind of interrupted everything. I didn't get to do any of those races to try to get a PR, try to get a fast time. Yeah, you always come off of a year that's as unexpectedly good as 2010 was with a little bit of like apprehension knowing that there was some luck involved with that.
You can't really expect it to feel easy ever in the future. You still have to keep your head down and avoid injuries and all that stuff. I think I came out of 2010 with that. I'm very lucky to have that year. But that doesn't mean I have to top myself every year. Yeah, this year was still a bit of a disappointment.

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