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November 3, 2011

Justin Rose


Q. How do you reflect on this?
JUSTIN ROSE: Pretty happy with today. Good start to the tournament. You can only lose it on day one, can't win it. But right out of the gates, decent. Hit the ball really well today. I think I only missed two fairways and just hit a lot of shots close.
So it was a 68, which is good, keeping the momentum with the long game and hopefully during the week get the feel for the greens better. I felt like I could have read the greens a little better today. So if I can adjust as the week goes on, I'm happy with where my game is at.

Q. Not every round you have two eagles.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, on both occasions it got me going and I faltered right after the eagle to let the momentum slip. But they were both timely eagles in terms of getting my round going and managed to finish strong.

Q. You finished in the rain, not the best of conditions, but the course is playing well, isn't it.
JUSTIN ROSE: It is playing very well. It's somewhat of a shame. Tuesday we came here and the greens were bone hard and it was going to be such a good test of golf, and rained all day Wednesday which softened it up, which is why there's all the good scores today. The course is taking it really, really well. It's in perfect condition. The forecast says rain for the most of the day, so I think we are going to actually end up doing well.
My first time here, which I don't know how good it was, I would have definitely been here before this, but I've kind of missed this tournament a couple of times for whatever reason, injury or something going on at home. But it's really good to be here for the first time, and like you say, it's a great course.

Q. You look around and you see the Italian villas, it's not China, is it.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, you could be really anywhere in the world when you play the golf course. Unless you get actually on the perimeter you and hear lots of beeping of horns and chaos outside the gates and you realise you're in China.

Q. Do you like it?
JUSTIN ROSE: I do like it, yeah. It's a fun week. Hotel is great. We are staying pretty much nearby and an easy week. Facilities and everything are great for us.

Q. Presumably expectations heightened when you find yourself in a position like this after day one?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it's dangerous. Keep a lid on it. I think that the dangerous mind-set is one day at a time. Very much so. I've been swinging the club nicely. Even at Valderrama I was right up there in fairways and greens in regulations on the stats. So I knew my game was good coming in here. I worked really hard on my short game the last couple of days and I got it up-and-down a little bit better today.

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