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November 3, 2011

Ian Poulter


IAN POULTER: I played okay today. I made the most of a couple of mistakes I made. But, you know, on the flipside, I still had some chances. You can't hole every putt, but when you give yourself a few chances, you're going to walk off the golf course a little disappointed even if you haven't hit it as good as normal.
2-under is okay.

Q. Did you feel at one point out there at 3-under that you were going to make more of a surge?
IAN POULTER: Well, yeah. I mean, I got to 3-under early and to that back nine, I holed a nice kind of 40-yard pitch, 50-yard pitch to get to 2-under. And then I have a 19 out of 20 up-and-down chance on 2 for birdie, and I don't get up-and-down. So, that's frustrating.
Good chance at the next, made birdie. And from there in, I hit some pretty good putts which just slid by. So, now he, it's a shame to bogey the last.

Q. Starting to see improvements in your driving?
IAN POULTER: I'm hitting it further but today my driving was off. And that's why I say I got away with the poor shots I hit. But that was a few errant tee shots. So, you know, last week, I drove it kind of 85 per cent in the fairway, from what the stats say. I definitely drove it really well last week, and I didn't quite drive it as good today. Didn't feel as good this morning on the range, so I knew I had to concentrate hard on the course today.
: I felt as if last week I played really nicely. It's a case of being patient and just keep working hard. It's back to basics and basics are you will get the rewards if you put the time in.

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