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November 3, 2011

Tatyana McFadden


Q. Tell me what you're thinking on Sunday? What is your mindset going in? Are you ready to go?
TATYANA MCFADDEN: It's always a tough field out there. And it's going to be tough on Saturday. There will be no doubt about it, there are a lot of athletes coming out here, and it will be a very, very tough field. So, you know, I'm trying to do my part and to stay focused, and I did all the training I could for it.

Q. Tell me about your training. What have you done so far?
TATYANA MCFADDEN: My year's been great. I'm a student at the University of Illinois, so I'm studying there as well.

Q. I saw that yesterday. You're training?
TATYANA MCFADDEN: U of I is perfect. It's such a great training facility. Adam Bleakney is the coach at University of Illinois, so we have about 15 other wheelchair athletes there, all of the athletes, so it's great to train with a team, because it brings a competitive side out a little bit in the training sessions.
So I climb with my teammates to see who can get up the hill fastest. So that's really, that's really good to have your team support you.
I just ran the Chicago Marathon a few weeks ago.

Q. How did that go?

Q. Congratulations. I apologize. Was that your first win?

Q. Second in Chicago?
TATYANA MCFADDEN: Second in Chicago, yes.

Q. When was the first?

Q. Was it a good race? How was it, was it close?
TATYANA MCFADDEN: It was close, yes. It was a great race. It was tough because with it being a flatter course, you know, people can't get in and accelerate without the entire group almost catching up. So they strategize, and the strategy also takes a lot too because sometimes they're a lap down on the turns here. So this race is very, very tough. So the focus changes a little bit for this race.
But I just need to stay focused on my goals and what I want to achieve and just go from there and hopefully take the title again. But most importantly just to have the best race I can run for the day.

Q. So Chicago was three weeks ago. That's a short turn around?
TATYANA MCFADDEN: It's tough. It was tough because after Chicago I was very exhausted, so I took that week to just get some training and to get myself ready again. The second week we picked up the training again, and the intensity was higher. Then this week, the intensity falls out again. Like I only did a 12-mile jog this morning. So on Saturday, we're only doing a 30-minute jog on Saturday. So we're really tapering off this week.

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