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November 2, 2011

Ed Moran


ED MORAN: I'm getting to the end of my career, about 30 years old. I really wanted to, when I ran a marathon, just do it full out. Knowing that my time horizon was really short, New York fit in well in that it was good for training for the track trials next year and ust getting a really good aerobic base.
I always saw myself, when I ran a marathon, I would run New York. Just being born on Staten Island, living in New Jersey until I went to college, really New York feels like home.

Q. Do you come back here often?
ED MORAN: I do. I have my grandma who still lives in Brooklyn. My aunts and uncles live on Staten Island still. My sisters still live in Jersey, so I'm here quite often.
I chose New York because it's one of the marathon majors, and it's like for us professional runners, this is Yankee Stadium. This is a big venue. This is where you want and you aspire to race at.

Q. Talk to me about your college career a bit, and how you were kind of a late bloomer?
ED MORAN: Yeah, coming out of high school, I wasn't really recruited that much. I was a decent high school runner, but nothing special. I think as soon as I got to college and I was surrounded by friendly, motivated people, that's when I really started to take off.
You really start to see what's possible through hard work and determination and focus. And I mean within a year and a half of being at William & Mary, I was an All-American. It kind of just gained momentum on its own, once again, being surrounded by the right personalities and hard working people. Continued to have success, even though I was injury-prone, every season I did complete, I was an All-American.

Q. Where did you have your injuries?
ED MORAN: I had it all up and down the chain. I had one on my foot, tibias, femur, two stress fractures, so I had them all up and down.

Q. On both legs?

Q. How did you deal with that?
ED MORAN: It was mentally hard. I think the hardest thing is staying focused and realizing that, okay, I can come back, and I can be successful. And at the end of the day, I just really enjoyed the sport, so that really kept me motivated to do all the fall training that would be necessary to be competitive as soon as I came back.

Q. How much time would you be out?
ED MORAN: For each and every injury, probably anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks per injury.

Q. Wow, so you missed the season.
ED MORAN: I missed all winter seasons to the point where the NCAA actually gave me a sixth year of eligibility.

Q. When did you start to feel healthy again?
ED MORAN: I would say I started being healthy for a long extended period of times after college when I started doing it professionally. I really attribute that and started looking at it as my profession, and started taking care of the details that I kind of let fall by the wayside in college.
Sleeping adequately, eating properly, and I was doing the things you need to do to be successful at this level. I really attribute it to that, focusing on the process, and the small details to be successful.
I was probably a 70 to 80-mile a week guy in college, breaking down all the time. Once again, I think it was just the rigors of academia and trying to live probably a little too wild of a social life.
But now I keep saying for the marathon, in particular, my body's really reacted well to it. I was able to get up to about 130 miles a week, which, even for me in my professional career, is a lot. I didn't have many problems along the way.
Just, once again, making sure as small things creep up, I take care of them right away and not let things compound over a long period.

Q. Who was your coach?
ED MORAN: Alex Gibby.

Q. You trained with him?
ED MORAN: Yeah, I trained with him in Virginia. He's actually now the coach at the University of Michigan.

Q. Talk to me about what you're expecting especially your parents being from here and growing up in Brooklyn and Staten Island?
ED MORAN: Brooklyn, uh-huh.

Q. What is your expectation for your family to come out? Are they going to meet you at the Verrazano Bridge?
ED MORAN: Yeah, my family's actually going to be right here. My fiancee's coming in too, my uncles, my Godparents. Everyone's coming out of the woodwork, and it's amazing.
Even people I haven't spoken to in five, ten years, like high school friends have been tracking the media and know that I'm coming into town. They've sent me emails or Facebook messages saying look for me at mile 18. Look for me, I'll be there.
So I'm expecting a lot of support. I really think that's going to help me especially in the later stages of the race when I kind of get lonely. We've been out there for 20 miles and the demons start talking to you a little bit, then you have that reassurance that, okay, you're not only doing this for yourself, but you're doing this for everyone that's supported you along the way.

Q. What about the race itself? What is your game plan going in?
ED MORAN: I want to be competitive. My expectation for the race is probably to go out a little bit conservative. This is the greatest field that New York has ever assembled, so it's very easy to get out a little ahead of yourself. That's going to be the first thing.
Not get too excited running over the Verrazano Bridge, something that, as a kid, I always really did dream about running across. Going to Staten Island going to visit grandma. That will be exciting.
But just staying within myself, making sure that I'm not overcommitting, because if you feel like you're racing in the first 18 to 20 miles, you're probably crossing the line. So, yeah, get into the park feeling good, staying positive, and then really racing that last 10 or 15K.

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