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September 26, 2003

Maarten Lafeber


Q. You're obviously disappointed with the finish?

MAARTEN LAFEBER: Very disappointed - you should never make a seven on the last.

Q. What happened?

MAARTEN LAFEBER: I had one bad swing, the only one I've had all day and it cost me three shots. I'm so annoyed at myself because you can hit anything off the tee at 18 and I had to find the one bad place in the water. Then I had three putts on the green which is even worse.

Q. You are playing very well, though.

MAARTEN LAFEBER: I am playing very well, but that's why this is so hard for me to take.

Q. You've been playing well for the past two months or so when you haven't missed a cut - do you think you can continue that good form this weekend?

MAARTEN LAFEBER: I certainly hope so. It's true that I've been playing well, but to take a seven at the last here today was terrible. I think it's my first triple bogey of the season.

Q. Do you feel you should be scoring better in general?

MAARTEN LAFEBER: Yes, I suppose so. I mean ny game from tee to green is in great shape and I should really be on the leaderboard every week at the moment - not just making the cuts.

Q. St Andrews tomorrow, looking forward to playing there?

MAARTEN LAFEBER: Yes, statistically it has been playing the easiest of the three courses over the first two days but you have to get lucky with the draw and I don't know if the conditions have been the same.

Q. You had some tough winds at Kingsbarns yesterday.

MAARTEN LAFEBER: It was tough there yesterday - that's what I mean about the luck of the draw. I think that's the toughest course of the three when the wind is blowing hard and I was drawn there yesterday in some tough winds, but I still managed to shoot a good round. I should have gone better today because I was playing just as good as I did yesterday but, as I said, that one bad swing has cost me a lot.

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