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October 22, 2003

Briny Baird


JOAN vON THRON: We want to just quickly start out first of all, here with Regis and Mary McGrath are here joining us today at the if FUNAI Classic at Disney World Resort Media Center. They are here because their grandchild Brandon Wade was actually the first child on Briny's bag at Hilton Head. And Regis is here, works here at the Walt Disney World Resort. He wanted an opportunity to meet Briny. I am here to introduce them. They just wanted them to chat for a few minutes here and then we will go into questions for them, or all of them or Briny or whatever you all would like to do.

BRINY BAIRD: I think the first question that I had was the week that Brandon first appeared on the golf bag was obviously the first week at Hilton Head and I didn't know if the correlation was Hilton Head is close to Valdasta or if it was because I attended Valdasta State University.

REGIS McGRATH: I am thinking because it was Valdasta State University. We want put that together so it's just a stroke of luck for us. Brandon is missing with his mother and so there's a different light on just a child being missing or a child being missing with his mother. They look at it differently. We had gotten absolutely no kind of media attention whatsoever from the time that they were missing until the breakthrough with you and then all of a sudden U.S.A. did something on it and ABC did something on it, so it was just a blessing from the good Lord to us to have that happen.

BRINY BAIRD: Like I said, when you thanked me I told you it's the least that someone can do, be put in a fortunate opportunity to be able to help somebody out else out, and I just feel fortunate to be able to help out two fabulous people.

REGIS McGRATH: We think you are a fantastic human being. This is great and we want to say thanks on behalf of all of the parents and grandparents that have children missing; not just for our sake, but for everybody that you are doing this for. This is just fantastic.

BRINY BAIRD: Thank you.

JOAN vON THRON: I am going to have you all sit down.

Thank you, Briny, for joining us, I think this was a pretty special moment for everybody here. Why don't you just kind of switch gears a little bit here and we'll go into an FUNAI Classic being here at Walt Disney World Resort, a wonderful place, why don't you talk about this tournament a little bit.

BRINY BAIRD: This tournament has a very special meaning to me not only because it's close to home but growing up as a child it was the one tournament that our entire family came to every year because my dad played the golf tournament so it was -- it wasn't the golf tournament, we came to -- we came to Disney World. Had nothing to do with the golf tournament. I think I came out to the tournament once and that was about it. But I remember not being able to sleep the night before the trip, because we are so excited today go. My brother who is here, both my sister and my mom, we would all come up and spent the entire week here. I think from age 3 'til I was 12, I think nine straight years it was -- we went to Walt Disney World, we didn't go to the golf tournament. Now I have to come to the golf tournament. But it's almost as much fun.

JOAN vON THRON: Questions.

Q. (Inaudible)?

BRINY BAIRD: I actually don't know the details. I just put it on my golf bag today. I think it's Joshua Bryant (ph), if I am correct. Is that the right name?

JOAN vON THRON: He has it on his golf bag right outside.

BRINY BAIRD: I don't know the details as far as how he was missing or anything like that.

It's definitely from the local area.

Q. Somebody come up to you at a certain time this year with the idea?

BRINY BAIRD: It was actually Canon who I wear on my shirts, one of my sponsors, Canon had been donating money to the National Center for Missing and exploited Children. They are the obviously the center that does all the publicity for missing and exploited children, so Canon had been donating money, Canon having sponsored me, it was kind of a triangle -- one of the people at Canon put together an idea hey, why don't we put a picture of a missing kid on a golf bag. It was just a great idea, it's a win/win for everybody. It's great for Canon they get more publicity. It's great for the National Center, they get their phone number out. It's great for the families like you just saw, and so it's unbelievable, the media attention it's gotten, it's great for everybody.

Q. It's obviously had a personal effect on you. Any kind of professional effect? Has it affected the way you play, the kind of attention you have received at all?

BRINY BAIRD: No, I don't think it necessarily -- definitely hasn't affected the way I played if you want to insinuate that in a negative way, definitely not. In a positive way, yeah, I think it does. I think there's times that I looked over at my golf bag during my round when things aren't going birdie, birdie, birdie, instead they are going bogey, bogey, bogey, you think your world is crumbling, you look over and you see Brandon Wade on your golf bag. It's hard to imagine. I have a 7 month old and that's still -- she's so young, I can't imagine the bond that parent have with their child as the years grow, so you look over there and it sheds new light on what you are doing for a living, wow, you are playing a game for a living and these people are looking for a missing child. It is a real eye-opener at times. I think that can be a positive.

Q. (Inaudible)?

BRINY BAIRD: It's the National Center FedEx'es it and it arrives in my locker every Monday the week of the tournament and as long as they know the tournaments I am playing it shows up. Couple times I have pulled out of events for different reasons and I am sure it's been there that week too. I do my best to make sure that they know what tournaments I am playing and it arrives -- it's never not arrived on time. I just -- same size every week, it slides right into the belly of the golf bag, couldn't be done any easier or more professional.

JOAN vON THRON: His brother is going to bring the golf bag in.

Is your brother going to caddie for you this week?


JOAN vON THRON: Your brother is how old?

BRINY BAIRD: He's 28. I gave my caddie the week off. My brother's name is Manoj. You will be able to put two and two together here. He's adopted from India.

From the fellow players I have had a lot of guys come up to me and there's a lot of joking around between --like to joke around all the time so most of the times anybody who says anything to me it's kind of in a joking matter, we just laugh about everything. This has been different, people have come up saying I think that's really awesome what you are doing. That's about the general consensus of what players are said is that's an awesome thing you are doing in a serious, straight face and that doesn't happen often when somebody approaches me as being serious.

And as far as fans I have had several fans during the course of a round just say something from outside the ropes, love what you are doing with those kids, things like that. So I think the fans appreciate it and it's nice.

Q. (Inaudible)?

BRINY BAIRD: I have actually -- I have met in Chicago -- I am trying to think of her name. I can't remember the lady's name. I had lunch with her. She was brought out there. That was another one that was -- that one was tough because I was a little nervous about that one. Wasn't sure how good her English was going to be. I knew she'd obviously didn't come from any money. She was supposed to come out on Tuesday, couldn't make it because she doesn't have a car and her ride fell through so she comes out Thursday after my first round. The detective in charge of the case brought her out there. Her English was perfect. You can tell she was Spanish, really attractive young lady, just you know, her husband took her boy. We sat down, we talked about that. We talked about everything. She asked a couple of questions about golf and I talked to the detective about just life in general, sports, everything. It was a really nice time.

Q. (Inaudible)?

JOAN vON THRON: Thank you for joining us.

End of FastScripts.

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