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October 20, 2011

William McGirt


Q. 138th on the money list. You had to have a good tournament, and you got off to a great start today.
WILLIAM McGIRT: Yeah, I mean, my back is against the wall. Just trying make as many birdies as we can.
It's not easy out here in this wind, but hit a couple close, made a couple putts, made a bomb on 8: 5-under, good start.

Q. Talk about that a little bit. The Palm Course certainly plays easier than the Magnolia. But with the wind, how tough does it play?
WILLIAM McGIRT: Well, I mean, it's switching all over the place. We get up on a couple holes and it should be one way and you're throwing up grass and it's showing one thing, trees are showing another.
I mean, it's pretty much a guess out there right now. You just got to commit to one and hope you're right.

Q. You've had a good second half to the year. I finally figured out why. You and I played a practice round at the Viking Classic on Wednesday before the start of the tournament. Did you look at me and say, Man, if that guy can win I can win out here?
WILLIAM McGIRT: No, just everything that you showed me that day I just tried to use. I'm trying to learn every day. So took all the positive and tried to take advantage of it.

Q. As you head into the rest of the week are you feeling any pressure or just trying to go out there and play golf?
WILLIAM McGIRT: I'm just trying to play golf. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. All I can do is play my best.
Sunday if I'm right around, yeah, I'll probably take a little extra time. But right now there are three days of golf left. A lot can happen. I'll put my head down and keep going.

Q. Great start. Good luck the rest of the way.
WILLIAM McGIRT: Thanks. Appreciate it, Buddy.

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