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October 20, 2011

Tom Lehman


Q. Tom, we've played 23 of 24 events. Coming down to it. Talk about the season-ending event. How do you think Harding Park will stack up?
TOM LEHMAN: Well, you know, Harding Park is a good course; it's a very good course. I think it's an excellent course for a season-ending championship. You've got to drive the ball pretty well there; you've got to putt well. Kind of demands a bit of everything, so I think it's a good place to finish.
And the season, it's been a very good season for a lot of guys. You look at the cast of characters, Calcavecchia has been playing great. Only won once, but he's just playing steady week after week.
John Cook, especially the second half of the season, has been playing great.
Couples is playing well.
And I've been playing well.
But there are so many guys capable of winning. It's a bit of a free for all, but down to the very end there is only a handful of guys that have a chance of winning. That's kind of the beauty of it all. Everybody knows what they have to do. You just see who can go do it.

Q. Talk about outside of the first week, you've led both the money race and the Schwab race the whole way.

Q. I know you've taken it one tournament at a time, but now that it's coming to the end, you sort of see what is out there for all the post-season awards and everything.
TOM LEHMAN: Again, you kind of have to go back to not just worrying about that. I'm aware that I've had that yellow jersey since the second week. You know, it would be nice to finish the last week with it, but a lot can happen in one week, especially a small field event, you know, a big purse.
Therefore, I have to be prepared to play and be ready to give my best. My short game has to be sharp. I really feel confident that if I'm ready to play and my short game is sharp. I'll be just fine.

Q. Okay. Harding Park as a course, does it favor any type of player? Last year was our first time through there and John played really well and won, but...
TOM LEHMAN: Yeah, I don't know that it necessarily favors a guy who hits it forever. I think a guy who hits it straight will definitely is going to always be in the game there. There are some trees and some rough, so putting the ball in the fairway is going to be important.
It's kind of an older style course. You got to drive it in the fairway in order to have a chance to score. If you drive it well and putt well, you're going to have a good week.

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