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February 4, 2001

Ray Bourque

Peter Forsberg

Milan Hejduk

Patrick Roy

Joe Sakic


FRANK BROWN: Questions, please.

Q. Peter, did you have mixed emotions when you scored on Patrick?

PETER FORSBERG: No, not at all. I felt pretty good. Like I said before, never scored against him. Only a minute left to the period. I know it is my last shift, so it is about time.

Q. Peter, is that why Patrick is not here? Is he still upset about that goal?

PETER FORSBERG: Yeah, he really is. I think he is still in there trying to figure out why. He was shocked that I shot it.

Q. That is what Coach Hartley said?


Q. Ray, can you just reflect on playing in your 19th straight All-Star Game?

RAY BOURQUE: It was fun. It was, you know, great to be playing in Denver. And I never take anything for granted, especially these games. It is an honor and privilege to be a part of these. I had a blast being around the guys that you only see once a year, and kind of nice to play on the same team for a change.

Q. We have talked about how difficult it is to be a goaltender in these kind of games. How about being a defensemen where you really can't, there is no real checking or playing your normal game?

RAY BOURQUE: Yeah, it is tough because forwards rarely come back (laughter), you know, it is a totally different game. It is understandable that it is because you got so much talent and skill out there. But as a defenseman and especially the way I play, I am not that finesse of a guy. So I found myself on the ice a couple of times trying to block shots, and guys were asking me what I was doing. But it is tough, but sometimes you go one way and the puck goes over there, and it comes back over here, so you just get running all over the place. So you hope to be lucky and to come off without being scored on. Today I was on for one and that is pretty good day in an All-Star Game.

Q. Joe, can you talk about now maybe if there was something between you and Peter on the faceoffs and you winning the first period; then Peter maybe you can respond?

JOE SAKIC: Actually, there was nothing between us. We were deciding on what we were going to do. We didn't know. We respect the guys. We were talking about wagering, Peter and I. We don't bet. We know it is illegal.

Q. Noticed Joe gave you a little shot in front of the net there. Did he give you some tough words?

MILAN HEJDUK: No, not really, but I was kind of surprised he played pretty good defense today.

Q. Peter, the Swedes really had a good game today. Talk about what you all might as a country or as a team go for in the Olympics, or how this will help you all.

PETER FORSBERG: I don't think it is going to help a lot, but it is a year until the Olympics. But I guess the Swedes scored the first one and first four, I guess, and -- but it is just fun to get out there and play six Swedish guys out there. Obviously, someone is going to score, Mats is a great player; Marcus got one too. So of course, we are looking for the Olympics, but it is a long way until then.

Q. Joe, I just wondering, there was a record number of goals even for an All-Star Game. What was it like out there with goals going in every two minutes? Was it as crazy on the ice as it looked from above?

JOE SAKIC: It was great. We never have enough games like this. Obviously, you get a group like this All-Star event, everybody wants to have a good time and, you know, show what they can do. And these games are meant for offense, and it was a good day's play. I think the best part it was a pretty close game right 'til the end.

Q. Patrick, how about for you, the record number of goals and number of shots you were facing down, did you feel like a target?

PATRICK ROY: Well, I was -- the time that I was there, it was pretty good. Guys played well in front of me. I was a little upset on that second goal, I mean, I always want to do well, but I mean, I always try to play as good as I can and -- but in the second period, I mean, our team played very well and we had tons of scoring chances. Their goalie gave up a lot of goals, but if he didn't play that well, he could have given up a lot more too.

Q. Patrick, talk about what you are thinking when Peter flips the puck in? Looks like you shot him a little look.

PATRICK ROY: I thought: I will not hear the end of that one. I asked him at the end if he kept the puck, first goal against me, but no. Peter asked me after the last game against Vancouver, we said together after the game he was a bit disappointed. He said: "Are you going to help for my confidence." It is done now, yes? (Laughs.) I was happy to see Peter play very well. Both those two days he is very good. I think all the guys here had a great time and played very well.

Q. Joe, talk about playing with Theo again, how was that? Was it fun for you guys to spend a lot of time together in these last couple of days?

JOE SAKIC: It was fun. Bob probably didn't like it too much. We didn't come back too often today. Which is probably what he is used to whenever we are together. We had fun, a good time, playing with Paul, you know, we played wide open and had a lot of fun giving, going and moving the puck around.

Q. Joe, are you surprised to get that pass back from Kariya, I thought it was a great backpass to you?

JOE SAKIC: Was shocked actually. I thought he was going to go down and shoot it. He said someone yelled and it wasn't me but it was a great pass and I just had to shoot it.

Q. Did you lose a little focus after that second goal?

PATRICK ROY: Yeah, I was not too happy about that one. I just wanted to have a really good All-Star Game and I thought -- I think it was Brian Leetch was with me, he played perfect and actually he played too well because he wanted to pass the puck all the way. I could see he wanted to pass, wanted to pass, and he waited and waited and anything else than take the shot on that. I felt like he wanted to go on his backhand and I will to extend my leg to make the save and then he lost the puck. It was I thought more bad luck than anything else. These are tough goals that you don't like to give.

Q. Talk about what the experience was like playing for the whole weekend just here in Denver.

JOE SAKIC: It was a great experience for all of us. We know the great fans we have here and the support, the way they have supported us throughout the year. To have them all come out for this event, especially an All-Star event, NHL FANtasy, whatever it was they -- just shows what a great sports city this is and we just-- especially going for introductions, you have those chills and a lot of excitement.

Q. Ray playing in the East and playing against Mario quite a bit, can you describe what it is like to have him as a teammate in this and having him score a goal?

RAY BOURQUE: Well, I think he was awesome out there and I think his comeback really is the story of the hockey world this year. It has really been a phenomenal story. I think again he showed today that he is well on his way being the best player in the word again. I think it is just great for everybody. To see him here this weekend was awesome chatting with everybody.

Q. (Inaudible)?

PETER FORSBERG: It doesn't happen everyday, but it was a great to get out there and play. It was wide open right from the start. I think the first shift there, Joe's line, there were 4 odd man rushes. I don't know what Bob was doing behind the bench. He was probably dying there. It was a great feeling to come up and play and like I said 12 goals usually wins the game, but I guess 14 is a lot too though.

Q. Joe, did you and Paul and Theo talk about the Olympic possibilities?

JOE SAKIC: We did mention that in intermission time. We definitely had a lot of fun out there, looking forward to playing with those guys. I don't know if we are going to be on the same line or what, but it would be nice to play with those guys on the same team.

Q. 26 goals in this game, was seen worldwide. Is that good for the game?

RAY BOURQUE: I think it is good for the game. I think people that are here don't expect a 2-1 or 4-3 game with all the talent that is out there. You can't really ask the guys to go out there and try to run people around or play stingy defense. It is not the type of play that you have at these games. High scoring game is nobody -- I can't think of anybody being surprised about that, including the players.

Q. Joe, can you talk about how you get to witness greatness with Ray everyday and you don't have to wait 'til February to see him play?

JOE SAKIC: It is unbelievable. He has been great from last year and this year, just to see his focus and the way he prepares day in day out, practice games, always the hardest worker out there, just amazes all of us.

Q. Ray, as being the new kid on the block for the Avalanche is it pretty amazing that eight former and five current are playing in the All-Star Game this year?

RAY BOURQUE: Well, I don't think so. I think it is a credit to the organization, you know in the future you will probably see a few more guys that weren't here, Drury, Tanquay, Foote and all the guys that you are probably going to see in the All-Star Game next two years. I think that is a credit to the organization in terms of getting players in a trade or somewhat or drafting. They have done a great job of it.

Q. Goals weren't exactly hard to come by today. Talk to the experience of scoring your first All-Star goal.

MILAN HEJDUK: I mean, it was great. I am really happy that -- actually I am -- I was not supposed to be here and I was announced at the last moment, Mogilny was hurt so, I am glad to I play here in Denver and it is a great experience for me. I scored first goal, so I am happy.

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