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October 16, 2011

Felipe Aguilar


FELIPE AGUILAR: It was a very tough day for me out there. I hit the ball okay. Some holes, really, really bad but overall, it was good. Just my putting today was absolutely off, and it got really cold today.
So all of the little chances for birdies, I kind of wasted them. You can't shoot very low scores if you don't make birdies out here and if you don't make putts.

Q. There were moments on the front nine where it seemed to be clicking and every time you dropped a shot you bounced back.
FELIPE AGUILAR: I hit it close. The two greens I missed I couldn't make them up-and-down and so those were two bogeys. And got a couple birdies in and hit a couple not very close on the back nine and couldn't make birdies. I hit No. 12 into the water and you can't do that if you want to win.

Q. How difficult was the wind? As we stand here it doesn't seem too bad at all.
FELIPE AGUILAR: On some holes it was kind of difficult but it was pretty fair for everyone. I think the wind picked up pretty early this morning. I heard we have a new rookie winning today.

Q. That is some performance to shoot five birdies in six holes on the back nine and 21-under in total.
FELIPE AGUILAR: That's good. I congratulate him and welcome him into The European Tour.

Q. Had you heard much about him before?
FELIPE AGUILAR: No, I heard he was a pretty good amateur. I'll probably have a chitchat with him, so I'll let you know later on what I think about him but he seems to be a good guy. At least he's a good player.

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