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October 15, 2011

Felipe Aguilar


Q. Give us your thoughts on today, another good performance and another good position in the tournament.
FELIPE AGUILAR: Yeah, I did play good. Just a little mistake on 17, hit the second shot, it plugged in there and tried to play from there. Came out with a bogey and could have been worse but you have to make some mistakes on the golf course and that was pretty much the only one I did today. Even though my weak part today has been my putting, I have hit the ball really well overall, off the tee and towards the end, to the greens. Tee-to-green has been really, really good and that's helped me.

Q. It's the type of golf course that you might make the odd mistake because you have to go for things, don't you. It's that type of course where you have to have a chance at making a birdie?
FELIPE AGUILAR: I looked at the scoreboard and obviously I hit a great drive on 17. You had to go for it. I had a rescue into that green. You have to take some risks. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This time it didn't but maybe it will tomorrow.

Q. Are you a regular looker at score boards? Do you like to know where you are in the tournament?
FELIPE AGUILAR: I do. I like to know where I am. Some people don't like to look and try to do their best. I think for me it helps me to make decisions, whether I should take some risks or not and that helps me to pick up the right club for my bag.

Q. And is there a part in the round where you start to look at the leaderboard or do you it almost right from --
FELIPE AGUILAR: Pretty much right away. If they are playing good, obviously I'll be a little more aggressive. If I'll right there on the hunt, you know, I'll figure out what shot I should take.
Offer all, I like to look at the scoreboard because I like to know what I have to do. I like to be in control.

Q. And thoughts for tomorrow? Do you just go right from the gun?
FELIPE AGUILAR: I'm just really looking forward for tomorrow. I think that you play -- always play to be in contention, and it's been a while since I was in contention, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Q. And being out in the last couple of groups is always exciting, isn't it, where the action of the tournament is.
FELIPE AGUILAR: Yeah, it's good. For had some guys that's 12-under tomorrow might be shoot being 10-under and be at 22 and they will be leading like Hennie Otto today. But those things happen and the golf course has been pretty fair from guys that played in the morning and the afternoon. So I'm looking forward to that.

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