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October 15, 2011

Webb Simpson


Q. Talk about today. 1-under, 35 putts; missed one fairway, one green. Kind of a weird day.
WEBB SIMPSON: It was. You know, we struggled on the greens all day reading putts. We were just pretty much getting fooled on every one, and 18 kind of summed it up.
Hit a lot of good putts that didn't go in. Good news is we're hitting it great and keeping it in play. Good news for tomorrow.

Q. What about these greens? It's Bermudagrass, and the grain is obviously out there. They're tough to read.
WEBB SIMPSON: They are tough to read. A lot of the pins are right on crests, and so you have a lot of putts that change from into the grain to downgrain or vice versa.
So it's a challenge to kind of try to read the greens without looking to much into it. You want to, for me at least, stay simple. You know, we're going to try to figure something out on the putting green now and see if we can make a few more tomorrow.

Q. What about tomorrow? You excited?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I'm excited. I looked at the board, and the guys are honestly playing well, but we're well within reach. The only goal for today was keep myself in the golf tournament and try to have a chance to win tomorrow, and I think we did that.

Q. Glaring stat for us: 35 putts. Was that the difference today?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was. You know, my caddie and I both had a tough time reading the greens. You know, gave myself plenty of opportunities, but as we get late into the week they're getting tough to read and tough to putt.
You know, it's good balance for me, I think, because we'll go work on it now and hopefully saved 'em all for tomorrow.

Q. The leaders were unable to get away from you, so you're still very much in this tournament.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, that's exciting. The goal for today was just to give ourselves a chance to win tomorrow. We hung in there and stayed in the golf tournament. That's all you can ask when you tee it up on Thursday is to have a chance to win Sunday.

Q. Two guys ahead of you that have not won; you've got a couple under your belt. Does that make a difference there in terms of experience of having done it?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, it definitely helps having gone through it a few times this year. It's hard to get your first win. But they're playing great golf, so you can never think twice whether or not they're going to play well.
We got go out tomorrow and try to do well and take care of business.

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