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October 14, 2011

James Kingston


JAMES KINGSTON: It's just such a great golf course and a fun golf course to play. I think especially in conditions like this, it's a great feeling getting away from the miserable weather that we sometimes have to deal with. I think it makes for a lot of fun this golf course.

Q. 8-under par day one, 4-under par day two; satisfied or not?
JAMES KINGSTON: Obviously I got off to a good start today and I couldn't keep it going. Felt like I left a few shots out there but it's always tough to follow up a low round the first day on any day, but I played nice enough. Didn't convert as many as I did yesterday. But still feeling good.

Q. Do you look for patterns or anything like that, like you think, well, the low score is the first day, next day won't be quite as low and then Saturday we can really go for it again; or not?
JAMES KINGSTON: I don't. You just never know what this game is going to give you and you just have to take whatever it does give you. Like I say I've been playing nicely and don't try and put scores on the board, get ahead of yourself.

Q. I have good advice for it you: Go low.
JAMES KINGSTON: Looks like everybody seems to be posting low numbers but that makes it fun.
It's one of those, obviously you shoot low the first round and you go out with a lot of expectations. Started nicely, I was 3-under through four, so you're hoping to kick on from there and I just on the crucial shots I didn't get it together and missed a few tee shots on par 5s when I feel I should have, or would have had a chance and when I did hit a good one on 4 or 5, and ended up making bogey from there.
So a few iffy shots out there but in general played really nicely and only one behind.

Q. Sounds like you're beating yourself up a bit on what is still a good score overall?
JAMES KINGSTON: No, I'm not beating myself up. I played nicely out there. I just feel, that you know, it was one of those days where I could have posted a decent round again. But it's never easy to do it after a low round the first day. But again, like I say, I played solid golf and I'm one behind.

Q. Is there any difference playing in the afternoon to the morning for you.
JAMES KINGSTON: I always feel a little fresher in the morning, I enjoy going out in the morning, the weather held up today and the wind didn't get much stronger than I expected it to. So conditions overall was really good.

Q. Kind of stifling, isn't it? Portugal in October, you don't expect to be quite as hot as this.
JAMES KINGSTON: No, it was petty warm. I would rather have that than the cold, so I'm not going to complain about that.

Q. And you find yourself in a terrific position on the board?
JAMES KINGSTON: One behind, tournament is still wide open, and obviously I guess you have to shoot pretty low over the weekends. But, who knows.

Q. Competitive juices flowing?
JAMES KINGSTON: Absolutely. Ready for it.

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