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October 14, 2011

Derek Holland


THE MODERATOR: Derek Holland is here already.

Q. Obviously, you heard all the people talking about the fact the starter for your team hasn't gone more than six innings in the postseason. Is that something you guys worry about? The bullpen has really picked you up. It's been a team effort. Do you want to break that streak tomorrow?
DEREK HOLLAND: That's the plan. Every time we go out we don't try to go three innings. Our plan is to go nine. We want to start the game and close it. That's how we look at it. We're going to try to do the best we can to take care of business and do everything we have to do. I'm not going to look too far ahead. I have to look one pitch at a time.

Q. Derek, you've always talked about how your emotions sometimes get the better of you on the mound and even Wash has talked about corralling your anxiety on the mound is what's key. How do you do that in a game like this? How do you go out there and calm yourself and get a tempo?
DEREK HOLLAND: I think after just being able to go out there the first time and the way that things went my first time out, I'm going to be a lot more calmer than I was before. And just to get the jitters out was the big thing. And I think now going into tomorrow I'm going to be more relaxed.

Q. Derek, how do you even out the highs and lows that you've had this year? You've had four shutouts, you've also had four shutouts where you haven't gone more than three innings.
DEREK HOLLAND: What are you saying again?

Q. How do you even them out?
DEREK HOLLAND: You just don't think about it. Don't worry about it. Obviously I've had good games and obviously I've had some bad games. You can't think about those kind of things going into tomorrow's game. You have to stay positive. That's the big thing.

Q. As you're going through a start like the last one where you feel that your emotions are getting ahold of you, is there a way you can rein it in? Have you learned a way to -- deep breathing or something?
DEREK HOLLAND: You just kind of calm yourself. Don't let your emotions get the best of you. You have to control everything out there. This is a tough game mentally, and you have to make sure you stay focused when you're out there. Don't let things like the home run or whatever eat you up.

Q. Derek, in your between starts throwing session did you focus on any one pitch or one thing in particular to prepare you for this start?
DEREK HOLLAND: Just working more on my mechanics, making sure I was finishing the pitches. I know that's what happened to me in Game 2. I didn't finish. That's why I was leaving the fastball up for the most part.
So when I was out in the bullpen when I threw the other day in Detroit, that was the main focus, make sure I kept the ball down. I thought I was doing a better job of doing that.

Q. The anxiety Wash talked about, your last start you had an extra day to sit there and think. How hard was that? Was that a difficult deal?
DEREK HOLLAND: It's actually more of a better thing for you, because you get to prepare yourself a little bit better. It didn't hurt me or anything. It's just my fault for going out there. I was a little anxious.
I felt calm, but everybody said you could see that I was going a little too fast for the way I usually work.
So the big thing now is just to control myself, and I feel like I'm going to be doing just fine with that tomorrow.

Q. When all is said and done with this season, how will you reflect on what you did? What will you take away from it?
DEREK HOLLAND: There's a lot of ups and downs. The big thing is I felt like I did a better job of improving from last year. I had some injuries last year that hurt me, and the big thing is I feel like I did a good job of keeping my team in the game and doing things to help the team to win.

Q. Derek, growing up in Ohio, were you an Indians fan or a Reds fan?
THE MODERATOR: Guess where Paul is from?
DEREK HOLLAND: I was actually neither. I was a big TBS guy, so I got to see the Braves all the time. I was a Braves guy. I grew up idolizing Andy Pettitte, though.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks a lot for coming in, Derek. Appreciate it.

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